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Ultimate frisbee can have ____ on each time, but only ____ playing at a time 20 players, 7 players
In competitive play of UF, if the player has a frisbee they ___ can't move
In recreational play of UF, if the player has a frisbee they __ take 3 steps
You may block your opponent, but ____ is not allowed physical contact
if a pass is not completed, ____ switches possession
when you throw a frisbee, you step with the ____ foot as your throwing hand same
three basic skills in UF are catching, throwing, running/dodging
Objective of FF is to score many touchdowns
FF can be played _________ 5 v 5 pr 7 v 7
To start off a game of FF or when a team scores, you ___ the ball off to the opposing team punt
to start each play, you complete a ___ to the quarterback snap
to stop an opponent and end a play, you must pull their flag
to stop an opponent who does NOT have a flag belt, you must complete a one hand touch
a _________ occurs when a teammate pulls someone's flag off their belt when they don't have possession of the ball personal foul
The main goal for an offensive player to be able to CATCH the ball is to get open/ create space
The main goal for an defensive player to be able to BLOCK the ball is to eliminate space/ block a certain opponent
it's called _______ block when you're defending one specific person person to person or man to man
Created by: ohyeahboi