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Personal Fitness

concepts related to fitness planning and fitness concepts

What does the "A" in SMART goals stand for? Achievable
What does the "R" in SMART goals stand for? Realistic
What does the "T" in SMART goals stand for? Time-oriented (time-specific)
What does the "I" in FITT principle stand for? Intensity
What do the two "T"'s in FITT principle stand for? Time and Type
Give one example of a type of exercise. Cardiovascular exercise strength building exercise muscular endurance exercise flexibility exercise.
The first step in creating a fitness plan is to..... Set your goals and write them down!
What does the "M" in SMART goals stand for? Measureable
What does the "S" in SMART goals stand for? Specific
Selecting weight training to build strength or running to improve cardiovascular endurance are examples of which fitness principle? Specificity
What is the purpose of a warm-up and how long should it take? Warm up prepares the muscles and cardiovascular system for exercise. Should take about 10 minutes.
What is the purpose of a cool-down and how long should it take? Cool-down allows for the heart rate to gradually return to normal and blood to leave the muscles to reduce soreness. Should take about 10 minutes.
Gradually increasing sets/reps of an exercise to build strength is an example of which fitness principle? Overload
Gradually increasing the intensity and duration of your workout to prevent injury is using which fitness principle? Progression
Four common reasons why people wish to improve their fitness level. Sports/athletics health reasons appearance (lose wt, gain wt, etc) reduce stress.
A goal that is achieved over an extended period of time. Long-term goal
A goal that is achieved over a short period of time and usually helps to achieve a long-term goal. Short-term goal
The ratio of body fat to lean tissue(muscle, bone, cartilage) is called_________________. Most teens average 15-25% Body composition (body fat)
What are the five fitness components. (think fitness tests, what do they measure?) Muscular strength Muscular Endurance Cardiorespiratory enduranc Flexibility Body composition
Becky goes to a gym 4 days per week to work out. Jenny does workouts with a video at home and runs in her neighborhood 2 days per week. What are two factors that may influence why each makes these fitness choices. Cost location/where you live time available personal safety current fitness levels/health
The ability of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to utilize and send fuel and oxygen to the body's tissues during long periods of exercise. Cardiorespiratory Endurance
The ability to move a body part through a full range of motion Flexibility
The amount of force a muscle can exert Muscular Strength
The ability of the muscles to perform physical tasks over a period of time without becoming tired. Muscular Endurance
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