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Ms. studies ch. 1

Ms. studies vocab

Location focuses on where a place is in relation to other places or in terms of longitude and latitude
Place focuses on the physical and human or cultural characteristics of a particular location
Human environment interactions describes how humans use and interact with the environment
Movement concerns the ways in which people are linked with regions, cultures, and people beyond our immediate environment
Regions allows geographers to define an area in terms of one or more characteristics
Latitude a measurement of distance in degrees north and south of the equator
Longitude a measurement of distance east to west of the meridian
Global positioning system a radio system that allows land, sea and airborne users to know their exact location
Natural environment all living and non living things that are natural
Tornado a violently rotating column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground
Hurricane a large rotating tropical storm that has wind speeds up to at least 120 km/h most powerful storm on earth
What are the four regions in Mississippi and where are they on Mississippi? delta top, hills below delta, piney woods below hills and gulf coast at the bottom where Biloxi is
What are Mississippis bordering states? Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas
What is Mississippis climate and why? Humid subtropical because it isn't quite warm or rainy enough to be considered tropical
What does antebellum mean? before war
Why is the Yazzoo basin (delta) important to Mississippi? it has some of the most fertile soil in the world it is also the most southern place in Mississippi
What is a Plato? an area of relatively high ground
Relative location is what? figuring our location using the borders around us
What is our absolute location? 30 degrees-35 degrees N above the equator and 88 degrees-91 degrees W longitude
What are the four spheres? Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Biosphere, and Hydrosphere
Atmosphere contains oxygen clouds etc.
Lithosphere (land) on earths surface
Some of the Native American Laws are..... Honor all your relations, Give assistance and kindness wherever needed, earth is our mother; care for her, Do what you know to be right.
What is the lowest and highest temperature recorded in Mississippi? -19 degrees in corinth and 115 degrees holly springs
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