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ACE Ch 2

Principles of Motivation and Adherence

exercise adherence voluntary, active involvement in exercise program
adults should engage in ___ physical activity per week 150 min, mod-intensity or 75 min. vigorous
adults should engage in __ muscle strengthening per week mod/high int using all major muscle groups 2+ days
More than ____ % of people will drop out of new exercise program within 6 months 50%
intrinsic motivation is... exercise for personal joy of participation
Extrinsic motivation is... exercise for any benefit OTHER THAN joy of participation
Self-efficacy is... belief in one's ability to successfully do exercise program.
Tools for preventing relapse include... educate, plan ahead and be prepared
What is assertiveness? Honest and straightforward expression of thoughts, feelings, beliefs.
Determinants can be described as... factors that influence a decision to engage in exercise behavior.
Lower levels of activity are seen in what populations? Older age, less education, low income.
Are men or women more adherent to exercise programs? Men
What is most reliable predictor of current participation in exercise program? Past activity participation
What is self-motivation? Ability to set goals, monitor progress, and self-reinforce.
What is locus of control? A belief in personal control over health outcomes.
What is the most common excuse for not exercising? Lack of time.
Six times as many women and more than twice as many men choose to start what intensity of exercise program? Moderate-intensity rather than vigorous-intensity
What is extrinsic feedback from trainer? Reinforcement, error, correction, encouragement
What is intrinsic feedback from trainer? Information client provides self based on what they feel, see, hear
A SMART goal is... specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound
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