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Barrow PE Review

PE B EOC Review for NJH Boise Semester 2

Name and define the Five Parts of health -related fitness?(First 3) Cardio respiratory endurance- ability of the body to supply fuel during an activity. Muscular strength- Ability of a muscle to exert force during an activity. Muscular Endurance- Muscle to continue preforming without fatigue.
Name and define the Five Parts of health -related fitness?(Last 2) Body Composition- relative amount of fat, muscle, and bone. Flexibility- Range of motion around a joint.
What is a sedentary lifestyle? A type of lifestyle with little to no physical activity.
What are some health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle? Increased risk of cancer, anxiety, depression, coronary heart disease.
Why is knowing your personal family health history important? To know if you could be at risk to any hereditary diseases.
What is a risk factor? Something that increases your likelihood of developing a disease
Name the 3 categories of risk factors for disease? Behavioral, Genetics, Environmental
What is a barrier to exercise? Anything that can keep or discourage you from exercise
Name three barriers I don't like to sweat, don't know how, not enough time.
How many hours of sleep are needed for students? 9 1/2 hours of sleep
Why is sleep important? Heals the heart and blood vessels, rests muscles, prevents heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke
What is the F.I.T.T. Principle? F= Frequency- how often I= Intensity- how hard T= Time- how long T= Type- of what
How do you calculate your target heart rate zone? 220- age= MHR(Max Heart Rate) MHR x .65=low MHR x .85= high Target is between low and high
Define Aerobic Cardio, requires pumping of oxygenated blood by the heart delivered to the working muscles.
Define Anaerobic Short, high intensity, demand for oxygen exceeds the body's oxygen supply.
Define Interval Training Interval Training in which an athlete alternates between two activities, requiring different rates of speed, degree, or effort.
What is Max Heart Rate and how do you calculate it? Is the upper limit of what your cardiovascular system can handle during a workout. 220-age=MHR(Max Heart Rate)
Name three things about the human heart? It is a muscle, pumps oxygenated blood, keeps you alive.
Is it better to have a higher or lower resting heart rate, why? Lower, it means your cardiovascular system is in better shape
What does a high resting heart rate generally indicate? That you are out of shape, your odds increase of early death.
What type of activities best burn fat? Aerobic Cardio such as; walking, running, cycling, rowing, swimming, jump rope.
What does exercising in your target heart zone feel like? Harder, discomfort, high heart rate.
What is an antagonistic muscle? Movement Muscle Pairs, one releases as the other contracts thus generating movement.
Define Hypertrophy The enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in the size of its cells.
Define Concentric Contraction Concentric= Muscles shortening
Define Eccentric Contraction Eccentric= Muscles elongating
Define atrophy Wasting away, Degrading due to the degeneration of cells.
What muscle are worked for the following exercise? Push up Deltoids and pecs
What muscle are worked for the following exercise? Curls( Bicep Curls) Bicep, shoulder, deltiods
What muscle are worked for the following exercise? Lunges Glutes, hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, abs
What muscle are worked for the following exercise? Dips Deltoids, abs, triceps, biceps, lats, traps
What muscle are worked for the following exercise? Heel Raises gastrocnemius (calf muscle)
What muscle are worked for the following exercise? Squats Glutes, quads, hamstrings
What is the antagonistic muscle group for biceps? Triceps
What is the antagonistic muscle group for Hamstrings Rectus Femoris ( hip muslces)
What is the antagonistic muscle group for Tibialis Anterior? gastrocnemius (calf muscle)
To build muscle strength what weight lifting rule should you follow? (how many reps of what kind of weight) 3-8 reps of 1-3 sets, 60%-80% of 1rm
When lifting weights how often should you lift for the same muscle group to see improvements? 2-3 days a week
When building muscular endurance what weight training program should you follow? 2-3 days/week, 50%-70% of 1rm, 12-20 reps of 4-6 sets
Explain the principle of progression Keep improving and getting better by adjusting your workouts as you become more fit.
How many calories are in a pound? about 3500
If you ate 500 excess calories daily for 2 weeks how much weight would you gain? Options Below \/\/\/\/\/\/ .8lb, 1lb, 2lb, 4lb about 2 pounds
What percentage of body fat is considered healthy for females and males? Female=14-24% Male= 6-17%
Name the 6 essential nutrients Protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, minerals, water.
The three essential nutrients that provide calories are? Carbs, protein, and fat.
The best way to control weight is to...? Eat healthier, eat less junk, and exercise frequently.
What is the most important nutrient? Protein
Define Metabolic Rate The rate at which metabolism occurs in a living thing.
Why is fitness testing before you make a Fitness Plan important? So that you have a guideline and goals to work off of.
The sit and reach is checking your flexibility in which muscle group? Hamstrings
The mile run is testing which part of fitness? Cardio respiratory system
What is a Smart Goal? S= Specific M= measurable A= Attainable R= Relevant T= Time oriented
Why should you follow a fitness plan? So you can better and more accurately work for your goals
What does R.I.C.E. stand for? Rest, ice , compression, elevation It is used for treating injuries.
What is a sprain? Stretching or tearing of ligaments
What is a strain? Stretching or tearing of a muscle or tendon.
Created by: 20thomas.barrow