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PE Final

What is not considered core muscles? Legs, arms etc
Back pain is the most common medical complaint in the U.S. False (1)
A ____________ must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration before it can be sold by prescription or over the counter Drug
Warm ups and flexibility exercises are the same thing. False (2)
Bones are connected to each other by ________. Ligaments
Bones are connected to muscles by ___________. Tendons
What should not be stretched? Ligaments
Slowly stretching as far as you can go without pain and holding that position is known as _____________. static stretching
What is not a biomechanical principle to help avoid injury and back problems? Use smaller muscles when lifting
A synthetic drug that resembles the male hormones testosterone and produces lean body mass, weight gain, and bone maturation is known as ___________. Anabolic steroid
Muscles to stretch: hip flexers, quads, hamstrings
Author and creator of the La Sierra program is _______. Stan LeProtti
One result of the La Sierra program is that all pupils attain a high level of physical development rather than just the athlete. True
What system does the program use to signify the attainment of different levels of physical excellence? Color system
Which is emphasized in the program? Cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and power.
Some aspects of the original program are not possible to incorporate at HRA yet. Which of the following were part of that original program? Aquatics, tumbling, comparatives.
Some of the chief aims of that program went beyond physiological goals. Instruction also provided: Improvement of skills, development of desirable individual qualities, knowledge of how physical fitness is developed and maintained.
There are three basic levels of achievement. Which were the beginners? White team
Which were the intermediates? Red team
Which were the advanced? Blue team
Movement from one level to the next requires the successful completion of all fitness tests in a given battery. Missing even one test disqualifies the student from moving up. True
Created by: Chickadee18