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Animal Science

quiz 5/17/17

animals that are polled have no what? horns
who invented the Punnett Square? Reginald Punnett
Who worked with the punnett square? Gregor Mendell
what is a dominant trait? in genetics, a trait that will appear in the offspring if one of the parents has it
what is a recessive trait? a trait that must be contributed by both parents in order to appear in the offspring
what is genotype? set of genes for DNA; genetic makeup
what is phenotyoe? the physical expression/characteristics
what does registered mean? the animal is recored with a breed association; has papers
pedigree is the record of descent of an animal, showing it can be purebred
crossbreeding is producing a hybrid animal or plant by breeding two animals or plants of different species or varieties ; make strong traits
why would you purposely inbreed their herd? to seek a trait they wish to promote and regain lost traits
what does grade of meat mean? a purebred that does not have papers
tapit's stud fee $300,000
yearlings from Tapit were sold for $500,000 to $1 million
three examples of monogastric livestock pigs, chickens, horses
three examples of ruminant livestock cattle, sheep, goat
the purpose of the rumen has microbs that break down food, largest part
purpose of the reticulum filters out waste
purpose of the omasum strong muscled organ
purpose of the abomasum break down food with stomach acid
purpose of protein in livestock feed grow new tissue and repair old tissue in an animal
purpose of carbs in livestock feed provides energy
purpose of fats in livestock feed provide energy; 2.25x energy of carbs
function of minerals in livestock feed to prevent poor reproductive traits; extra things you may need to add
three bodily functions that livestock use water for -regulate the animals body temp -eliminates waste -digests nutrients
water has to be cool, clean, good
why can you feed cows skittles they have ruminant stomachs
legume plant that takes in nitrogen from the air
Fistyla artificial hole in the stomach and allows one to study digestion
2 main sources of protein animal based and plant based
animal based protein examples fish meal, tankage, animal by product
plant based protein examples soybean oil meal, peanut hulls/peanut butter, alfalfa meal, cotton seed meal
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