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vett ttech

Blood Machines

You can place chemistry slides into the machine in any order true
When filling the lasercyte tube, you should take the top off so you don't damage cells false
Looking at a single test is an accurate reading of organ function false
The elevation of Amylase is proportional to the amount of organ damage false
Males and females metabolize protein differently and that can effect the outcome of the BUN true
The thyroid hormone controls synthesis and destruction of cholesterol true
It is ok to touch the membrane of the chemistry slides false
You should warm refridgerated samples to room temperature to prevent clumping true
Chronic pancreatitis can cause pancreatic tests to fall below normal true
If a blood sample can not be run immediately, you can leave it on the blood rocker until your ready to run it false
What could cause the creatinine to be elevated? strenuous exercise
What percent of kidney function must be impaired to effect the creatnine? seventy five percent
This liver test is derived from the breakdown of hemoglobin total bilirubin
Increases of the ALT levels are usually seen within __ hours of damage twelve
Ichteric plasma/serum samples are yellow
The gall bladder is the primary storage unit for bile
Cholostasis refers to this organ gallbladder
Red blood cell production is effected by production of erythropoietin created in the organ kidney
Urea is the end product of amino acid breakdown
This is the large organ liver
If you are running blood chemistries, what machine will you use? Vet Test
Creatinine is found in this type of tissue skeletal muscle
This test is a good indication of hydration Total Protein
Lipemic plasma/serum samples are milky due to elevated fat
If you are running a CBC, what machine will you use? Lasercyte
This is the most important plasma protein Albumin
Which is NOT a commonly run electrolyte? Calcium
The BUN will be affected when __ percent of nephrons are not functioning fifty
The maximum number of chemistry slides you can run at one time is twelve
What could a technician do to cause a low platelet count? Leave it in room temperature too long
What does BUN stand for? Blood Urea Nitrogen
Why would the Alkaline Phosphate be elevated in a young animal Bones are still growing
Chloride electrolyte
creatnine kidney
sodium electrolyte
lipase pancreas
BUN kidney
Glucose pancreas
ALT liver
Alkaline Phosphatase liver
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