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vettt tech

Blood and Hemostasis

Howell Jolly Bodies are the remnants of nuclear bodies and are commonly seen with splenic disorders true
Heinz Bodies are frequently seen in animals with onion toxicity true
Anemia is seldom the primary condition true
Only males can have active Hemophilia true
Platlets play a large role in clot retraction true
Thrombocytes release histmines that act as a vasoconstrictor true
A nucleated red blood cell is an immature cell true
The average lifespan for erythrocytes in canines is one hundred to one hundred and twenty days
Erythrocyte maturation occurs in the bone marrow
The meaning of pyknotic is programmed cell death
The definition of polycythemia is increase in the number of RBC
The definition of hemoconcentration is increase in the amount of hemoglobin
This organ plays a role in erythropoietin production Kidneys
The definition of anisocytosis is A variation in the size of RBC
The definition of Polychromasia is A variation in the color of RBC
The definition of Poikilocytosis is A variation in the shape of RBC
An increase in nucleated red blood cells indicates regenerative anemia
Acute hemorrhage usually follows surgical procedures
The definition of hydremia is decrease in the amount of hemoglobin
A common cause of chronic blood loss anemia is parasitism
In this type of anemia the bone marrow responds inadequately to a need for erythrocytes non-regenerative anemia
This is the multi potential stem cell that is a precursor to thrombocyte production megakaryocyte
The erythrocyte is composed of __ percent of water sixty to seventy percent
This breed of canine has a genetic predisposition to IMHA female Cocker Spaniel
This vitamin metabolism is effected by rodent poison vitamin k
Von Willebrand's Disease is an example of congenital coagulation disorder
A macrocyte is a/an large cell
A microcyte is a/an small cell
This white blood cell is the first line of defense segmented neutrophil
In this mature cell, the nucleus is round and occupies most of the cell lymphocyte
This white blood cell's primary function is to deactivate histamines eosinophil
petechial hemorrhage tiny hemorrhage
epistaxis nose bleed
hematuria bloody urine
ischemia large subcuticular hemorrhage
melena skin pigment
clotting factors plasma
no clotting factors serum
liquid tissue blood
List four categories of anemia blood loss, excessive destruction of the erythrocyte, nutritional defenciency, depression of bone marrow
List the three factors involved with hemostasis vascular factors, thrombocytes, clotting mechnisms
Define hematopoiesis production of blood cells and platelets
What is the difference between plasma and serum? Plasma has clotting factors. Serum is fluid with no clotting factors.
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