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vet tech

Reticulocytes and Blood parasites

Punctate reticulocytes are macrocytic true
An anemic canine with an elevated reticulocyte count can retain a normal PCV true
The majority of Babesia cases are seen in young dogs true
In the canine, any red cell that contains RNA is termed a reticulocyte true
The lower the HCT the longer the lifespan of the reticulocyte true
Cats are the only species that excrete infective Toxoplasma oocytes true
Humans can be infected with dirofilaria immitus true
Human Babesiosis occurs chiefly along the Great Lakes and East Coast region true
Some cats can recover from Haemobartonella but can remain carriers true
Humans can contract Toxoplasmosis by eating undercooked meat true
A tick must feed for two to three days to infect a dog true
If a pregnant woman is infected with Toxoplasmosis for the first time, there is a danger to the fetus true
Cats who suffer from this disease may suffer from more serious clinical signs related to Haemobartonella FeLv
This Toxoplama lifestage replicates slowly Bradyzoites
Ehrlichia is classified as rickettsia
During the subclinical phase of Ehrlichia, the organisms live in what organ? spleen
There are two canine breeds that tend to suffer from a more serious form of chronic Ehrlichia.What is one of those breeds Doberman Pinscher
The vector for Babesia is the tick
With infection with any blood parasite may cause this clinical sign splenomegaly
This feline reticulocyte remains in circulation for 12-24 hours aggregate
This is the infective larval stage of heartworms L3
The vector(s) of feline hemotrophic mycoplasmosis is/are ticks/fleas
With feline heartworm disease the parasites are located in the lungs
The vector of heartworm is mosquito
The vector of Haemobartonella is flea or tick
Ehrlichia effects the leukocytes
This Toxoplama lifestage replicates quickly Tachyzoites
What is the definition of pica Eating none edible things
Coughing in a cat is the most common clinical sign of heartworms seen in cats
What are four methods a human may contract Toxoplasmosis eating poo, eating raw meat, infection water, blood transfusions
The canine, erythrocytes are biconcave disks with no central palor false
Basophilic stippling occurs commonly in animals with Tylonol toxicity false
Heinz bodies are normally seen in up to one percent of the total feline erythrocytes false
When a blood vessel is injured, vasodialation occurs to increase the volume of platelets to the wound false
Thrombocytes are produced from rubiblasts false
Aggregate reticulocytes can remain in circulation for up to twenty one days during times of anemia false
Toxoplasmosis infection in humans is very rare false
Punctate reticulocytes in felines reflect the most recent bone marrow response false
Once inside the blood cell the Babesia organism transforms into a tachyzoite false
Anemic cats may have up to ten percent punctate reticulocytes in circulation false
This is the "small" species ob Babesia, affecting pit bulls almost exclusively Babesia gibsoni
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