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Tropical plants of economic importance - name/family/origin

Scientific nameFamilyOrigin
Abelmoschus esculentus Malvaceae Pantropical
Acacia spp. Fabaceae Pantropical
Adansonia digitata Malvaceae Old world tropics
Agave americana Asparagaceae New world tropics
Agave sisalana Asparagaceae New world tropics
Ageratum houstoniatum Asteraceae New world tropics
Albizia spp. Fabaceae Pantropical
Aloa vera Xanthorrhoaceae Old world tropics
Amaranthus spp. Aramanthaceae New world tropics
Anacardium occidentale Anacardiaceae New world tropics
Ananas comosus Bromeliaceae New world tropics
Annona spp. Annonaceae New world tropics
Arachis hypogaea Fabaceae New world tropics
Araucaria spp. Araucariaceae Australasia/Pacific Ocean
Artocarpus heterophyllus Moraceae Unknown
Azadirachta indica Meliaceae Old world tropics
Bambusa vulgaris Poaceae Old world tropics
Bougainvillea spp. Nyctiginaceae New world tropics
Camellia sinensis Theaceae Old world tropics
Canna spp. Cannaceae New world tropics
Capsicum annuum Solanaceae New world tropics
Carica papaya Caricaceae New world tropics
Casuarina equisetifolia Casuarinaceae Australasia/Pacific Ocean
Catharanthus roseus Apocynaceae Old world tropics
Ceiba pentandra Malvaceae New world tropics
Ceratonia siliqua Fabaceae Old world tropics
Cinnamomum verum Lauraceae Old world tropics
Citrus aurantiifolia Rutaceae Old world tropics
Cocos nucifera Arecaceae Unknown
Codiaeum variegatum Euphorbiaceae Old world tropics
Coffea arabica Rubiaceae Old world tropics
Colocasia esculenta Araceae Old world tropics
Commelina spp. Commelinaceae Pantropical
Curcuma longa Zingiberaceae Unknown
Cycas revoluta Cycadaceae Old world tropics
Cyperus spp. Cyperaceae Unknown
Delonix regia Fabaceae Old world tropics
Desmodium spp. Fabaceae Pantropical
Dioscorea spp. Dioscoreaceae Pantropical
Duranta erecta Verbenaceae New world tropics
Dypsis lutescens Arecaceae Old world tropics
Eichhornia crassipes Pontederiaceae New world tropics
Elaeis guineensis Arecaceae Old world tropics
Elettaria cardamomum Zingiberaceae Old world tropics
Eleusine coracana Poaceae Old world tropics
Erythrina spp. Fabaceae Pantropical
Eucalyptus spp. Myrtaceae Australasia/Pacific Ocean
Euphorbia heterophylla Euphorbiaceae New world tropics
Euphorbia pulcherrima Euphorbiaceae New world tropics
Ficus spp. Moraceae Pantropical
Gliricidia sepium Fabaceae New world tropics
Glycine max Fabaceae Unknown
Gossypium hirsutum Malvaceae New world tropics
Grevillea robusta Proteaceae Australasia/Pacific Ocean
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Malvaceae Unknown
Ipomoea batatas Concolculaceae New world tropics
Jacaranda mimosifolia Bignoniaceae New world tropics
Jatropha curcas Euphorbiaceae New world tropics
Lantana camara Verbenaceae New world tropics
Leucaena leucosephala Fabaceae New world tropics
Mangifera indica Anacardiaceae Old world tropics
Manihot esculenta Euphorbiaceae New world tropics
Musa spp. Musaceae Unknown
Nerium oleander Apocynaceae Old world tropics
Opuntia ficus-indica Cactaceae New world tropics
Oryza sativa Poaceae Unknown
Passiflora edulis Passifloraceae New world tropics
Pennisetum glaucum Poaceae Old world tropics
Pennisetum purpureum Poaceae Old world tropics
Persea americana Lauraceae New world tropics
Phaseolus vulgaris Fabaceae New world tropics
Phoenix dactylifera Arecaceae Unknown
Piper nigrum Piperaceae Old world tropics
Plumeria spp. Apocynaceae New world tropics
Psidium guavaja Myrtaceae New world tropics
Punica granatum Lythraceae Old world tropics
Ravenala madagascariensis Streliziaceae Old world tropics
Risinus communis Euphorbiaceae Old world tropics
Saccharum officinarum Poaceae Old world tropics
Schinus molle Anacardiaceae New world tropics
Senna spp., Cassia spp. Fabaceae Pantropical
Sesamum indicum Pedaliaceae Unknown
Sesbania sesban Fabaceae Unknown
Solanum melongena Solanaceae Old world tropics
Sorgum bicolor Poaceae Unknown
Spathodea campanulata Bignoniaceae Old world tropics
Striga spp. Orobanchaceae Old world tropics
Syzygium aromaticum Myrtaceae Old world tropics
Tamarindus indica Fabaceae Unknown
Tectona grandis Lamiaceae Old world tropics
Terminalia catappa Combretaceae Old world tropics
Theobroma cacao Malvaceae New world tropics
Thevetia peruviana Apocynaceae New world tropics
Tradescantia zebrina Commelinaceae New world tropics
Tripsacum andersonii Poaceae New world tropics
Vanilla planifolia Orchidaceae New world tropics
Vigna unguiculata Fabaceae Unknown
Xanthosoma spp. Araceae New world tropics
Zea mays Poaceae New world tropics
Zingiber officinale Zingiberaceae Old world tropics
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