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farm reproduction

gestation length for cow 283 days
gestation length for sheep 149 days
gestation length for pig 115 days (3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days)
oestrous cycle for cow 21 days
oestrous cycle for sheep 17 days
oestrous cycle for pig 21 days
oestrous / heat for cow 18-24 hours
oestrous / heat for sheep 36 hours
oestrous / heat for pig 2-3 days
give 2 advantages of A.I - can select the correct bull for each female - can improve the genetics of the herd - reduces spread of disease -bull can be dangerous
give 2 advantages of a stock bull - can detect heat - less labour intensive
give 2 disadvantages of A.I - labour intensive (getting animals in etc) -easy to miss a heat if not using heat detection aids -can be expensive - technician call out
give 2 disadvantages of stock bull - dangerous -expensive to keep -replace every two years to prevent inbreeding
explain the AM / PM rule if heat is observed in the morning serve in the evening and vice versa
name one heat detection aid and explain how it works tail paint / pressure pad / pedometer/ raddle harness
explain the term polyoestrus animals that have oestrous cycles throughout the year
seasonally polyoestrous animals that have a number of oestrous cycles but only at certain times of the year
give an examples of an animal we have studied that is seasonally polyoestrous sheep
what triggers sheep to come into oestrous? low levels of day light --> increase levels of melatonin --> triggers hypothalamus to release FSH
in terms of sheep explain the term flushing post weaning ewes are put on a low plane of nutrition (high stocking density) 3-4 weeks before ram is introduced put on high plane of nutrition (low stocking density)
what are the advantages of flushing - more eggs released - higher conception rates - better implantation - more regular oestrous
name 2 ways to synchronise breeding of ewes ram effect / sponging / breeding out of season
list the steps involved in breeding out of seasons 1. insert progesterone sponges 2. after 12-14 days remove sponges 3. 12-36 hours later all come into heat
what is the difference between sponging and breeding out of season? with breeding out of season have to inject with PMSG
What is steaming up? in final 6-8 weeks of pregnancy of ewe gradually increasde concentrates to 500g for singles and 700g for doubles and triples / day = prevent twin lamb disease.
name the first milk produced by a cow/ewe/sow colostrum
what are the 3 positive effects of colostrun warming effect / laxative effect / immunity & antibodies
how can we prevent mortality at calving / lambing time 1. observe 2 isolate 3 assist if in difficulty (have equipment ready) 4 call vet if necessary
name three things a farmer should do / check after the birth of young check airways / remove mucous ensure mother licks ensure offspring suckles dip navel with iodine
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