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Clinical Med III


Oral ulcers can be found in felines with ___________. Calicivirus
FHV and FCV clinical signs will both last _________. 5-10 days
All the following can be spread through direct contact, aerosol, and fomites except ___ . FIV
______________ can be found in cats wild and domestic, raccoons, and mink. Panleukopenia
Which of the following does not have an injectable vaccine ? FIP
Which of the following has a poor prognosis in young kittens but guarded in older cats? Panleukopenia
Which of the following has a mortality rate of almost 100% even with therapy? FIP
Elisa snap tests should be used to diagnosis FIV in kittens until ____________. 6 months old
The route of transmission of FIV is ___________. Bite wounds
FIV virus replication takes place in _______. T cells
Recovered carriers of FVR shed the virus intermittently when reactivated by ___________________. Any stressful event.
Ascites can be found in felines with _______. Wet FIP
True or False: There are 2 types of FIV, wet and dry. False, FIP
True or False: Ascites can put pressure on the diaphragm and cause difficulty breathing. True
True or False: We want to treat infectious respiratory disease on an inpatient basis due to the high mortality rate. False, OUTPATIENT basis due to LOW mortality rate
True or False: Intranasal vaccine can cause side effects and take longer to become effective. False, take SHORTER to become effective
True or False: Lysine is used when we suspect FVR because it interferes with herpes viral replication. True
True or False: FVR and FCV are susceptible to most disinfectants. False, FCV needs bleach
True or False: A feline with Panleukopenia would normally show leukopenia in their blood work. True
True or False: Young kittens with Panleukopenia have a mortality rate of 50-90% True
True or False: Cats with FIP will rarely have a fever. False, TYPICALLY have a fever
True or False: Panleukopenis is a decrease in all blood cells, and can be found with many feline diseases. False, a decrease in WBC
True or False: T cells are a type of WBC. False, LYMPHOCYTE
True or False: Felines with FeLV routinely have abnormal liver tests and azotemia. False, FIP
Coronavirus that undergoes a genetic change. Wet and Dry Feline Infectious Peritonitis
Closely related to K9 parvovirus. Panleukopenia
Caused by Feline Herpesvirus-1 Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis
Recovered carriers shed virus in mucoid discharge and saliva for months to years. Feline Calicivirus
Is a retrovirus Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), and Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)
Very similar to HIV Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)
The virus can grow in human cell cultures but has no evidence of infecting humans. Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)
Can cause pyogranulomas Dry Feline Infectious Peritonitis (Dry FIP)
Ascites is a common clinical sign Wet Feline Infectious Peritonitis (Wet FIP)
Name 2 viruses that are often found more in male cats 1. FIV 2. FeLV
What is the difference between Primary an d Secondary viremia? Primary - exposed and trying to create an immunity Secondary - have not created an immunity and have virus for life
Cancerous tumors such as lymphosarcoma can be found with what disease? FeLV
Which vaccine will cause false positives when testing a cat later in life? FIV
Name 2 reasons most clinics use injectable vaccines instead of intranasal 1. Easier to administer 2. Animals don't shed the disease in the environment.
Name the disease that we use abdominocentesis to help diagnosis and describe what the sample will look like if it has that disease. Wet FIP, yellow, thick, and stringy
Stomach Worm physaloptera spp.
Canine Distemper is caused by a virus closely related to _______. Measles
Canine Adenovirus-1 is also referred to as ________________. Canine Hepatitis
Canine infectious tracheobronchitis can be caused by which of the following? 1. Bordetella bronchiseptica 2. Canine parainfluenza virus 3. Canine adenovirus type 2
A "goose honk" can be found in pet's with which of the following? Laryngitis
When treating a dog positive for leptospirosis, with abnormal kidney values, which antibiotic would you not choose? Tetracycline
We often use antitussives when treating kennel cough, what symptom is it treating? Cough
Which disease can cause hyperkeratosis of the footpads ? Canine Distemper
Hypersalivation can be seen in pets with which of the following? Rabies
Canine Distemper can have a fatality rate of up to __ %. 90%
When an animal suspected of having rabies dies, _________________________________________. Send to an appropriate rabies testing lab.
What is the expected prognosis for a parvo positive do with leukopenia? Poor
True or False: When dealing with rabid animals most present with the same normal signs, atypical presentations are rare. False, presentations are NORMAL
True or False: Household bleach can be referred to as sodium hypochlorite. True
True or False: Lymphopenia can be found when diagnosising distemper. True
True or False: Fever-death is typical for parvovirus False, Hepatitis
True or False: Bilateral corneal opacities are a first sign of canine hepatitis. False, 7-10 days after
True or False: Parvovirus was discovered in 1978, however newer strains are more virulent. True
True or False: Parvovirus stops shedding around day 8-12. True
True or False: Leptospirosis can live and multiply outside the host as long as in optimum environment. False, can not multiply
True or False: There are 4 strains of leoptospirosis that affect canines. False, 5 strains
True or False: When treating a dog with parvovirus, we can give SQ fluids with added dextrose as long as the pet is not vomitin. False, NEVER ADD DEXTROSE
Acute viral encephalomyelitis Rabies
In the Rhabdovirus family Rabies
Can be caused by Parainfluenze virus Kennel Cough
Caused by Adenovirus-1 Hepatitis
Caused by Adenovirus-2 Kennel Cough
Caused by Paramyxovirus Distemper
Hemorrhagic enteritis Parvovirus
Caused by a spirochete Leptospirosis
Caused by Bordetella bronchispetica Kennel Cough
Name 3 stages of rabies. 1. Prodomal 2. Excitable 3. Paralytic
Name all the zoonotic disease form the canine diseases section. 1. Leptospirosis 2. Rabies
Name 3 breeds that when positive for parvovirus is at a higher risk of severe disease. 1. Rottweiler 2. Doberman Pinscher 3. English Springer Spanial
Name one common animal that may carry leptospirosis other than a dog Deer
Flea Tapeworm Dipylidium caninum
Which of the following can be associated with frothy diarrhea? Giardia
Metronidazole is labeled to be used to treat which of the following? Giardia
What type of fecal solution is commonly used when looking for Coccidia and Giardia Zinc Sulfate
Eimeria spp. is what type of parasite? Coccidia
Coccidia sporulation will occur rapidly between ___ C and __ C. 30-37
Bartonella is usually spread to humans through ____________. Bite/scratch
Which form of Giardia do we find in intestinal tissues? Trophozoites
__________ is one of the strains of Babesia that affect canines. B. gibsoni
Hind leg edema can be seen in dogs with ____________. Ehrlichiosis
When an owned animal gets attacked by a wild animal, is not current on vaccines, and has no clinical symptoms. You should quarantine the pet for 6 months.
All of the following can be diagnosed by an IDESS 4DX snap test except? Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
True or False: it is best to use a sodium nitrate fecal solution to diagnose protozoan parasites False, Zinc Sulfate
True or False: With Babesiosis there are 3 stage of infection: acute, subclinical, and chronic. The acute stage has very little clinical signs whereas the subclinical and chronic stages both have anemia, enlarged lymph nodes, and fever. False, Acute stage has NO clinical signs.
True or False: Humans infected with Bartonella are the most common way other humans are infected. False
True or False: A tick must be attached for at least 72 hours in order to transmit any of the tick borne disease. False, times vary with ticks form immediately to 72 hours.
True or False: The drug labeled to treat Cystoisospora spp. is Amoxicillin. False, Cryptosporosis spp.
True or False: Babesia canis is considered zoonotic True, rare but true
True or False: Panacur can be used to treat all protozoans. False, not all
True or False: Bilateral corneal opacities occur 7-10 days after the first signs of canine hepatitis True
True or False: Parvovirus stops shedding around day 8-12 True
True or False: Leptospirosis can survive outside the host for up to 180 days in an optimum enviroment. True
True or False: Intranasal vaccines can cause side effects and take longer to become effective. False, SQ vaccines take longer to become effective
True or False: When dealing with rabid animals, atypical presentations are the norm. True
True or False: Lysine is used when we suspect FVR because it interferes with herpes viral replication. Trueq
True or False: Frontline plus can be used to help prevent tick borne diseases. True
True or False: Humans will often see a "bull's eye" lesion at the site of a tick bite when they have Lyme disease. True
Used to have a vaccine for this however no longer on the market in the US Giardia
Cat Scratch Fever Bartonella
Can be found in pregnant women causing abortion and still births Toxoplasma
Trophozoites are the intestinal form of this parasite. Giardia
This can be exacerbated by any type of stressful event. Coccidia, and Babesia
Caused by an intraerythrocytic protozoan parasite Babesia
Oral/fecal contamination most often associated with contaminated water source. Giardia
Spread by Rhipicephalis spp. Babesia
Can be transmitted by a paratenic host Coccidia, Giardia, and Toxoplasma
Borrelia burgdoferi Lyme Disease
Can be transmitted through urine, most often found in contaminated ponds Leptospirosis
Can be diagnosed quickly if a morulae is found in the patient's blood. Ehrilichiosis
Is zoonotic and can be transmitted from blood in a tick when smashed. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
What breed of dog id we discuss in class and what was its importance when associated with Babesia? Greyhound, breed is often used for blood donors and predisposed with no signs or symptoms.
Name 1 way you can help protect you or your cat from Baronella Flea Prevention
Name the 2 vaccines we discussed when testing an animal later in life using a snap test will give a false positive result. 1. FIV 2. Lyme Disease
Antibiotics are used to treat tick borne diseases, which antibiotic do we NOT use in young animals? Doxycycline
Bladder Worm Pearsonema plica
Echinococcus spp. is which type of parasite? Cestode
Heavy coated breeds such as Goldens, are predisposed to _______________________. Acute moist dermatitis
Most dermatophyte media change color with growth of pathogenic organisms. The color change is from ______ to ___. Yellow to Red
Approximately ___ of M. canis will be fluorescent when examined with a Wood's Lamp? 50 %
Signs of atopy usually develops in dogs between _________. 1-3 years
All of the following can contribute to allergic skin disease except? 1. Humidity 2. Temperature 3. Hormones
Most common symptom of atopy is ________. Pruritis
Dogs with atopy are usually _______________________. "Seasonally" non-seasonal
What percentage of atopic dogs is otitis externa present? 50 %
When doing allergy testing at a dermatology clinic, whey would most often want what tests ran? 1. Intradermal 2. Serum
All of the following are main aspects of treating atopy except acupuncture
The commonly involved areas in flea allergy dermatitis in cats that differs from that of the dog include which of the following Head
Hot Spot Acute Moist Dermatitis
Include a swollen and painful chin in both canine and feline patients Acne
Found most commonly in breeds like Bassets, Shar peis, and Bulldogs Skin Fold Dermatitis
Inhalant allergy Atopy
Usually caused by demodex or metabolic diseases like hypothyroid Deep Pyoderma
Includes hot spots, acne, and skin fold dermatitis Superficial pyoderma
Allergy to flea saliva Flea Allergy Dermatitis
Can be controlled with hydrolyzed proteins in most cases Food Allergy Dermatitis
Caused by Sarcopti sabei or Demodex canis Mange
Coffee ground appearing debris found with this Ear mites
True or False: Treatment for Deep Pyodermas, starts with correcting the underlying problem True
True or False: Superficial pyodermas usually do not scar and are very quick to heal completely. False, Not quick to heal
True or False: A dog treated by a veterinarian recommended flea product should not have any clinical signs of flea allergy dermatitis False, fleas will still bite causing allergy
True or False: the only cure for skin fold pyoderma is surgical removal of excess skin True
True or False: feline acne is unlike canine in that it is usually not a life long disease. False, felines are life long
True or False: Benzoyl peroxide is used for atopy to help dry out any lesions False, used for acne
True or False: Treatment for acute moist dermatitis usually involves applying something like cornstarch to dry out the area affected. False, for Skin Folds
True or False: Steroids are used sparingly because they can prolong healing times and decrease immune function. True
True or False: Demodex canis is a cigar shaped mite that can cuase localized or generalized mange that is non-puritic. True
True or False: Cuterebra should be removed whole because if torn while removing from the patient can cause an allergic reaction. True
Name 2 things that can be used as a novel protein Dog - duck and kangaroo
Name 2 breeds that have a higher incidence of atopy 1. Retrievers (Golden or Labrador) 2. Small Terriers (under 20 lbs)
Otitis externa can be the only symptom in pets with the dermatologic disorder. Food Allergy Dermitisis
Explain hydrolyzed proteins and how they work They are broken down into very small proteins, so they can not be recognized as an allergen
How long do we keep pets on a food trial to diagnose food allergies? 8 weeks
What bones make up the stifle joint in a dog? 1. Femur 2. Tibia 3. Patella
Hormone associated with secondary hypothyroidism is ___. TSH
Insulin is produced by the pancrease and _______________________. Decreases blood glucose
All of the following can be causes of Type 1 diabetes except? Down-regulation of insulin receptors
Polyuria and polydipsis can be found with all the following diseases except? Hypothyroidism
Hyperthyroidism can be diagnosed by ___________________. T3, Total T4, and TSH
Which lab test provided an accurate evaluation of the average blood glucose concentration over a specific period and may be used to monitor animals with diabetes? Fructosmaine
What is the most frequently seen thyroid disorder in cats? Hyperthyroidism
Hills Y/D can be used for treatment for what disease? Hyperthyroidism
What is the most frequently seen thyroid disorder in dogs? Hypothyroidism
Thyroid disease in cats is usually seen at what age? Middle aged to geriatric
True or False: Cushing's disease can look exactly the same as Addison's disease until testing is done. True
True or False: Cushing's disease is Hyperadrenocorticism True
True or False: Most cases of Cushing's patients will be pituitary dependent. True
True or False: ACTH stimulation test includes a blood sample drawn for cortisol level in blood, administer IV dexamethasone, and one hour later draw a 2nd blood sample for cortisol levels. False
True or False: Urine cortisol/creatinine ratio test is dagnostic test used for Addison's disease and gives us a definitive diagnosis False
True or False: Mitotane is used to treat Cushing's disease but in doing so can cause Addison's disease. True
True or False: Cushing's disease has a good to excellent prognosis unlike Addison's disease. False
True or False: The treatment of choice for Addison's disease is removal of the adrenal tumor along with the adrenal gland. False
True or False: Cataracts are found in most patients with Hyperthyroidism False
True or False: Ketoacidosis is found with Type 1 diabetes mellitus and can have "acetone breath" True
Clinical signs are due to excess of T3 and T4 Hyperthyroidism
Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
95% of all cases are a result of gradual destruction of thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism
Results of damage/necrosis of adrenal cortex so no longer can produce hormones. Primary Addison's
Due to deficient secretion of ACTH from pituitary gland that can be caused by sudden withdrawal of steroid administration. Secondary Addison's
Pituitary gland secretes and excessive amount of ACTH, increasing adrenal gland to overproduce cortisol. Pituitary-dependent Cushings
Tumor of the adrenal gland that produces excess cortisol. Adrenal dependent Cushings
Excessive or prolonged administration of corticosteroids can cause this type Latrogenic Cushings
Occurs when glucose isn't taken up into the cells, the liver compensates by burning more fatty acids as fuel. Ketoacidosis
Insulin can be found in many different types. Name one insulin that is used in cats and what concentration does it come in. Prozinc, U40
Polyphagia, aggression and hyper excitability can be seen with what disease? Hyperthyroidism
Why do we often find diabetes patients with UTIs? Increased glucose in urine, which can attract bacteria
What type of testing do we use when trying to regulate diabetic dogs most often? What test do we use in cats most often? Dogs-Blood Glucose Curve Cats-Fructosamine
What dose of insulin do we tell clients to use if a patient is "not eating"? None, do not administer insulin
If one only had a regular 1cc syringe and the patient needed 20 units of Lente (Vetsulin) insulin. How many cc (ml) would I need to give the patient? 20U / U40 = 0.5 ml
ACTH stimulation test can be used to diagnose 2 diseases. Which disease is associated with a low result and which is associated with a high result? Low ACTH-Addison's Disease High ACTH-Cushing's Disease
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