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Pocket Pet Vocab 1

Pocket Pet Unit Vocab part 1 Murine - Guinea pig

Murine Mouse or Rat
Sire Intact male mouse or rat
Dam Intact female mouse or rat
Pup Young mouse or rat
Nocturnal Sleep during the day-active at night
Snout Nose and mouth area
Hooded Color pattern of rats - white body, brown or black head/shoulders
Ad lib Free choice, as much as they want (feed)
Anogenital Area viewed for sexing - from genitals to anus
Penile area Area where male urinates
Benign Non-cancerous
Malignant Cancerous
Cheek Pouch Open areas inside cheek used to store/transport food
Incisors Long front teeth located in both upper and lower jaw
Burrow Tunnel
Hibernate Temperature drops -animal goes into deep sleep and body systems slow down.
Defensive reaction Natural instinct to protect themselves from danger - may bite or scratch
Cannibalism Kill or eat another of the same specie
Topical Medicine or chemical applied to outside on skin or haircoat
Cavy Guinea Pig
Boar Intact male guinea pig
Sow Intact female guinea pig
Kit Young guinea pig
Vitamin C Required dietary supplement for guinea pigs. They cannot make their own.
Created by: mmill



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