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Shooting is ____ % mental 98
Shootouts take an average of 2.5 to 3 seconds
Public expects peace officers to be functional in Thinking, moving, good judgement
Field stripping is Breaking the weapon down to its major components
Most shootings take place Fast, up close, in low light
3 reasons why we shoot with one hand Other hand is disabled Might be pulling partner to safety Because cover won't allow 2 hand shooting
5 fundamentals of marksmanship Grip, stance, sight picture, sight alignment, TRIGGER CONTROL
Sight picture Relationship of sight to Target
Sight alignment Relationship of front and rear sight
Trigger control is Most important
3 ways to maintain trigger control Remove slack and smooth steady press. Sear reset Press until it surprises you
Isosceles stance Most often used. Has maximum body armor coverage
3 reasons for accidental discharge Startle response Sympathetic limb Position afixia
Support hand controls Left and right
A gun being handed to you should first be Checked for clear
A new shooter is Afraid of gun Afraid of failure
The part of the weapon containing the trigger and grip is the Frame, or receiver
Malfunctioning drills are Stage 1, tap, roll, rack Stage 2, rip, roll, rack, reload
It is more effective to _____, than to _____ Get hits,. Have a big gun
Most common errors in shooting Anticipation Trigger control
Hot line is Weapons loaded and out
Line safe Weapons loaded and holstered
Line clear is Weapons unloaded and holstered
Emergency Reload is when you run out while shooting and reload
Tactical Reload is when you reload when you have time in order to have maximum rounds when needed
Buck shot will spread at a rate of 1 inch for every yard (meter)
For maximum penetration/effect through something such as a car door, the best option is A slug round
Best choice for shooting through something such as a car door is Shotgun slug
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