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chapter one health

infectious diseases can be passed from one person to another by a bacteria ex: flu
lifestyle diseases diseases caused partly by unhealthy behaviors and partly other factors
risk factors anything that increases the likelihood of injury, disease, or other health problems
controllable risk factors risk factors that you can do something about
sedentary not taking part in physical activity on a regular basis
health the state of well-being in which all the components of health are in balance
self-esteem a person's confidence, pride and self-respect
values a strong belief or ideal
wellness the achievement of a person's best in all 6 components of health
optimal cope with emotions, have healthy relationships, make smart decisions
illness eat poorly, engage in health risk behaviors, never exercise, unhappy
heredity the traits you inherit from your parents
culture the values, beliefs, and practices shared by people that have a common background.
health literacy the knowledge of health information needed to make good choices about your health
public health the practice of protecting and improving the health of people in a community
advocate to speak out or argue/act in favor of something
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