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Vocab #3

Definition and 2 Examples

What is physical fitness? Definition: your ability to carry out tasks without undue fatigue Examples: Flexibility & Muscle Strength
What is body composition? Definition: Term that measures the percentage of fat, muscle, water, and bone found in the human body Examples: Fat Mass & Lean Mass
What is flexibility? Definition: the ability to bend your body easily Examples: Yoga & Tumbling
What is muscular strength? Definition: the ability of a muscle group to develop maximal contractile force against a resistance in a single contraction Examples: Push-Ups & Squats
What is cardiorespiratory endurance? Definition: the ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems to supply fuel during sustained physical activity and to eliminate fatigue products after supplying fuel Examples: Cycling & Running
What is sedentary lifestyle? Definition: a lifestyle with no or irregular physical activity Examples: Couch Potato & Lazyness
What is overweight? Definition: above a weight considered normal Examples: Chubby & More than enough
What is metabolism? Definition: the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life Examples: Being super skinny & Gaining weight
What is aerobic exercise? Definition: sustained exercise Examples: jogging & swimming
What is anaerobic exercise? Definition: non-sustained exercise Examples: walking & jumping rope
What is isometric exercise? Definition: a type of strength training Examples: Wall Sitting & Open Chest Presses
What is isotonic exercise? Definition: one method of muscular exercise Examples: Pull-Ups & Dead Lifts
What is isokinetic exercise? Definition: exercise or a program of exercises to increase muscular strength, power, and endurance Examples: Leg Extension Machine & Stationary Bike
What is F.I.T.T formula? Definition: The success of your fitness plan Examples: Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type
What is an overload? Definition: An excessive load or amount Examples: Desk full of work & Extra
What is progression? Definition: the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state Examples: Gain more & Work longer
What is specificity? Definition: the quality of belonging or relating uniquely to a particular subject Examples: Certain parts &Specific goals
What is muscular endurance? Definition: ability of a muscle group to exert submaximal force for extended periods Examples: Crunches & Squats
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