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Vocab #2

What are health skills? Definition: specific tools and strategies that lead to better or more informed health choices Examples: Exercising & Getting More Sleep
What is communication? Definition: a process through which you send messages from others Examples: talking & texting
What are refusal skills? Definition: techniques that can help you refuse when you are urged to take part in unsafe or unhealthy behaviors Examples: Say "no" repeatedly & Leave
What is self-esteem? Definition: the confidence and worth that you feel about yourself. High Self-Esteem & Low Self-Esteem
What is stress? Definition: the body's and mind's demands and reaction to everyday demands and threats Example: Distress & Eustress
What are goals? Definition: something you strive to do Examples: Long-term & Short-term
What are short-term goals? Definition: goals you want to complete in a short amount of time Examples: Learning to drive & Passing the semester
What are long-term goals? Definition: goals you want to complete in a long period of time Examples: Graduating & Getting a Career
What is an action plan? Definition: a multi-step strategy for achieving and identifying goals Examples: To-Do-List & Charts
What is a decision making model? Definition: something used to help you come to a decision Examples: Advice & Family
Created by: Niya76709