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Chapter 14&15 APWH

What percentage of the western European population was rural during the late Middle Ages? 90%
Western Europeans of the later Middle Ages referred to themselves as latins
What caused the end of serfdom in western Europe? the black death
The Bubonic Plague was brought to Europe by Genoese traders
The three-field system was an agricultural method
By the time it subsided the Black Death had killed;one out of three western Europeans
Windmills and watermills had long been common in the Islamic world
In Europe's later Middle Ages the rapid growth of industry resulted in environmental changes such as The continued growth of trade and manufacturing after 1200 resulted in
The growth of metal working industries in the Middle Ages was due to watermills
The crucial factor to the growth of cities was increased trade
Marco Polo's goal was to travel to the Mongol capital
The predominant city for trade with the Far East during the Middle Ages was Venice
Which of the following is not true of trading cities in Europe during the Middle Ages? They were unable to produce products to compete with Asian products
How did the rise of medieval Islam give trade in the Indian Ocean an important boost? The Muslim cities in the Middle East provided a demand for commodities; Networks of Muslim traders tied the region together;The Muslim traders shared a common ethic language and law;Muslim traders actively spread their religion to distant trading cities
What official role did the Catholic Church play in the persecution of Jews in medieval Europe It played no official role in the persecution
A guild was an association of craft specialists from the same trade
One of the most significant growth industries in the 14th century was merchant banking
The Hanseatic League was based in Germany
Which of the following is true of merchant banking in the fifteenth century Checking accounts
What "architectural wonder" first made its appearance in France on or about the year 1140 C
E Gothic cathedrals
Which of the following is not a distinctive feature of the Gothic cathedral Domes
The Renaissance began in northern Italy
Some of the "lost knowledge" of the Greek and Arab world came into the Latin West through the recapture of southern Italy from the Byzantines and of Sicily and Toledo from the Muslims
Before they were expelled in 1492 the largest population of Jews in the West was found in
The two new religious orders in the 13th century that lent themselves to teaching were Dominican and Franciscans
In the universities of the Latin West all courses were taught in
The most notable work in Scholasticism the Summa Theologica
Which of the following does not describe the Divine Comedy It was written in Latin like most literature of the time
Which of the following statements is not true of Chinese-African contacts circa 1415-1433? At least three trading cities in East Africa sent delegations to China in 1415;Zheng's voyages were extended to Africa;Zheng's voyages stimulated the Swahili silk market;The Chinese imported more pepper as a result of this contact
The vessels of the Indian Ocean were called dhows
The Ming Empire attempted to create new Indian Ocean contacts by sending out seven imperial fleets between 1405 and 1433
The Chinese treasure ships of Zheng He carried silk; metals; and other valuable goods as gifts for distant rulers
The greatest mariners of the Atlantic in the Early Middle Ages were Vikings
In addition to sailing up the Pacific coast; early Amerindians from South America also colonized the West Indies
The motives that led to Iberian overseas expansion were economic; religious; political; intellectual
Why didn't the Italian states take a lead in exploring the Atlantic The ships of the Mediterranean were ill suited to the Atlantic; The trading states of Venice and Genoa preferred a system of alliances with the Muslims
Why did the Ming court suspend the voyages of Zheng He? The government believed that little could be gained by exploring
How did the Vikings maneuver across long distances? Knowledge of the heavens and seas
What two nations began a maritime revolution that profoundly altered the course of world history? Portugal and Spain
What factors combined to make Spain one of the most powerful European states in the 16th century? The marriage of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabel of Castile
An early motivation for Portuguese maritime exploration was to gain access to the sub-Saharan gold trade
Prince Henry of Portugal was known as Henry the Navigator because he devoted his life to promoting exploration
The explicit goal of Portuguese explorers was to find a passage to India
When Portugal began making a significant income from Africa; it began to issue gold coins called cruzados
Two important navigational technologies; the magnetic compass and the astrolabe were of Chinese and Arab or Greek origin; respectively
The Portuguese contribution to shipbuilding technology was the creation of the caravel
The advantage of the caravel was that it was fast; maneuverable; a good fighting ship; strong
An important addition to the maritime revolution was learning to speedily return by sailing northwest to ride westerly winds
The first Portuguese explorer to purchase the rights of exploration of Africa was Fernão Gomes The first financial return from the Portuguese voyages came from
The first Portuguese explorer to reach the southern tip of Africa and view the Indian Ocean was Bartolomeu Dias
In 1500; what did Portuguese mariners discover while attempting to find a favorable wind around Africa the east coast of South America
Christopher Columbus was from Genoa
Columbus insisted that he had reached the Indian Ocean
The Treaty of Tordesillas divided the New World between Spain and Portugal
An area of dispute between Portugal and Spain despite the Treaty of Tordesillas was who had claim to the spice trade from Molucca
What did the Portuguese trade with the kingdom of Benin? Horses
The powerful West African kingdom of Benin limited its contacts with the Portuguese by refusing to accept Catholicism;declining offers to receive missionaries; closing the market in male slaves
The most profitable and strongest colonization by Europe was in the Americas
The first Portuguese who landed in India were greeted with derisive laughter
The Portuguese gained control of the eastern Indian Ocean through conquest
The Portuguese base in China was at Macao
The result of Portuguese domination of Indian Ocean trade routes was considerable Portuguese profit;that they charged a lower price for pepper than Venice or Genoa;that more spices and luxury goods were shipped to Europe;little impact on the African and Asian mainlands
The difference between the Spanish Empire and the Portuguese Empire was that the Spanish Empire was a territorial empire
The first Amerindians to contact the Spanish were the Arawaks
Conquistador means conqueror
Cortés had which advantages in conquering the Aztecs? An alliance with the Tlaxacans;Firearms and horses;The Aztecs had only recently established their empire at the expense of other tribes;Smallpox
Francisco Pizarro defeated the Inca Empire with 180 men
One of the significant features of the growth of literature in the 14-15th century was the composition of literature in the vernacular
The greatest influence of the humanists was in the reform of secondary education
Which of the following fostered artistic growth in the Renaissance? The patronage of wealthy merchants and prelates
Credit for "the lost art of painting" being revived is traditionally given to Giotto
What changes transformed later medieval military technology? Firearms and crossbows with metal-tipped arrows
Which of the following statements about the Magna Carta is not true? It gave new rights to the peasants
Joan of Arc led the French to victory in a decisive battle during the Hundred Years War
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