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religion creation

religion test for mrs.miller

create to make something out of nothing
dignity a person's worth or value
divine inspiration God's guidence
dominion authority to govern the Earth
account story
eternal everlasting
grace the gift of God's life that he shares with persons
persons people and angels
genesis origin,birth,beginning
image a reflection
literary form different types of writing
ornament to decorate
personal soul the invisible,spiritual, immortal gift from God that gives us life
Pentateuch the first five books of the bible
the first 5 books of the bible Genesis,Exodus,Leviticus,Numbers,Deuteronomy
what is the name of the tree that God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
what do human persons that makes them unique, separating them from animals, and shows they are made in God's image we have souls
in the second creation story, from what did God make man clay
how do human persons express their thoughts and choices in a physical way our bodies
1st day of creation light and darkness
2nd day of creation the upper and lower waters
3rd day of creation land, sea, and vegitation
4th day of creation sun,moon stars
5th day of creation birds and fishes
6th day of creation animals, man, and woman
7th day of creation he rested
what two responsibilities did God give Adam and Eve after he created them be fertile and have dominion over the earth
what do we do with our wills we choose
what do we do with our minds we think
what spiritual gift did God give Adam and Eve so they could love him grace
the perfect divine revelation Jesus Christ
B.C. before Christ
A.D. anno Domini (in the year of our lord)
Sacred Scripture the Bible
manuscript a handwritten text
scribes copied the bible
Vulgate first Latin translation of the bible, the most famous version written by Saint Jerome
prophet God's messenger
epistle a letter
incarnation when God became man
God sent his son Jesus to reveal the... truth
Divine revelation teaches us about... God and us
Christ's Mystical Person on Earth is the... Church
The bible is divided into the... Old and New Testaments
There are ... books in the bible seventy-three
Saint Jerome translated the bible from.... to Latin Hebrew and Greek
the person who inspired the authors of the bible is... God
the word bible means... book
Divine revelation ended with the death of.... in about 100 A.D. Saint John the Evangelist
Why did Christ establish the church... to continue his work
What language was most of the Old Testament written in Hebrew
who is responsible for teaching divine revelation to each generation the magisteriam
What is divine revalation the hidden truths that God chose to reveal about himself
red means blood, the Holy spirit
white means joy
pink means joy
green hope, Life
purple penance, preperation
red is worn is worn on the feast day of martyr's and during confirmation
the.... holds the excess Eucharest tabernacle
the.... is a white robe alb
stole long cloth about four inches wide
vestments are the clothes worn by the priest during mass
green is worn during ordinary time
procession when the priest,deacons,and alter servers approach the altar
purple is worn worn during advent and lent
chasubule the outer garment worn over the alb and stole
genuflect kneel down onto one knee
cincture is the tasseled rope tied around the alb
white is worn during Easter
ambo the podium
first reading old testament
second reading new testament
gospel good news
consecration when the bread and wine are turned into the body and blood of Jesus Christ
chalice the cup that holds the wine/blood
ciborium the bowl witch the Eucharist is held in
Apostles the first priests
original sin when Adam and Eve disobeyed God
sitting is the posture of learning
standing is the posture of prayer
kneeling is the posture of reverence
bowing is the posture of reverence
the sign of the cross reminds us of our faith and baptism
at every mass the bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus Christ
the homily applies the bible readings to our lives
what paid the price for our sins Jesus dying on the cross
what four books make up the gospels Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John
Created by: gvanmeter19
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