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Modern beef cattle can be classifed as one of two biological types? Bis Tauras or Bos Indius
The brahman, brangs, beefmaster, and other Bos Indicus breeds developed in the United States are often reffered to as? American breeds
Bos Tauras can be classified into two categories? British and European breeds
_____________, or intramusclaur fat, is often reffered to as "tatse fat" Marbiling
Bis Indicus cattle are ______ maturing than Bos Taurus, but their longevity is greater then Bos Tauras? Later
Angus Known for marbiling
Beefmaster 50% Brahman 25% Shorthorn 25%hereford
Brahman Known for heat tolerance and natural insect repellent
Chiaina Known for largest beef breed
Gelbvieh Originated in Germany
Hereford Good for milking and their docile
Limousin Known for lean meat
Santa Gertrudis Rasied on King Ranch
Shorthorn Can be white, red, or rome
Simmental Originated in Switzerland
Tarentaise Known for milking
Purebreeding is considered to be the most efficient means of commercial production? False
Bos Indicis cattle are adapted to tropical and sub-tropical environments? True
When relating to milking, all large breeds are heavy milkers and all small breeds are light milkers? False
Continental breeds also called exotics are breeds that originated in Europe? True
Created by: Abi.moses