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Orange Juice Process

FDSN524 Final Exam

What are the four negative components of an orange? Flavedo, albedo, seeds, central core
What are the positive components of an orange? Juice, pulp
What are the components of an orange that must be optimized? Oil, juice solids
Albedo is a source of _____. pectin
_____ fiber has a higher affinity for bile to reduce cholesterol. Soluble
The two main types of juice oranges grown in Florida are ______ and ______. They mature at different times of the year. Hamlin, Valencia
What is the general sugar:acid ratio? 11.5:1 to 18:1
T or F: Fruit that has fallen to the group may not be collected. True
T or F: Juice is generally extracted within 24 hours of picking. True
Culls rotted pieces of orange; source of bacteria
T or F: Fruit is not washed during processing to remove pesticides. False
T or F: Hamlin fruits are larger and more variable in size than Valencia. False
Juice extractors are typically set to accept ______ size(s) of fruit. one
Why is fruit sizing important? Fruit sizing has a direct effect on ensuring fruit is extracted with minimal fruit negatives.
_____ and _____ are two extraction parameters. Pressure, tolerance
An ________ must be done to balance juice quality wither operational efficiency. engineering optimization
_______ are used to reduce the solids levels in freshly extracted juice. Screw finishers
How is juice oil separated from the juice? Oil is less dense than juice and has a lower coefficient of friction.
The _______ is used to remove seeds and other natural defects from the pulp slurry stream prior to finishing. cyclone separator
_____ are utilized to gently separate pulp from the pulp slurry. Paddle finishers
Why is juice + pulp pasteurization method preferred? Used to meet HACCP requirements of a 5-log reduction of a target micro-organism; includes screen to prevent foreign objects.
High pressure processing can be performed at ______ temperatures. ambient
Which part of the orange-fruit has the oil? Flavedo
Which process step kills the nutrients along with enzymes and microorganisms? Pasteurization
Why is juice concentrated? Form of preservation, easier to transport.
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