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Exotics Final part 1

Study Hard

An in house committee that approves all research or teaching that is done on animals IACUC
Responsible for all aspects of animal use, education, health, and compliance with all laws and regulations IACUC
By law it includes 3 individuals appointed by chief executive officer of institution including 1 vet with experience, one with no affiliation with animal meds and one public rep or lay person IACUC
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee IACUC
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA
A large group of people that believe animals should not be forced to work or produce for our benefit in anyway; people that own pets are enslaving them; radical views on pet ownership; all lives are equal between humans and animals PETA
Research using animals is unnecessary; euthanasia should never be done PETA
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna CITES
Was developed to safeguard species from extinction; restrictions are in place that minimize or eliminate the sale of wild caught animals CITES
Animal Welfare Act AWA
Principal federal statue governing sale, handling, transport, and use of animals AWA
Requires IACUC committee AWA
Requires that dogs housed in USDA licensed breeding or research facilities be provided with appropriate exercise AWA
United States Department of Agriculture USDA
Enforces laws of animal welfare regulations USDA
Public Health Service PHS
Any research facility that receives funding from this are required to utilize the Guide in development/implementation of an animal care/use program PHS
Good Laboratory Practices GLP
Any animal facility that receives funding from FDA or EPA has to abide by these regulations GLP
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service APHIS
Agency under USDA that inspects facilities; admin the Animal Welfare Act APHIS
Animal Liberation Front ALF
Same beliefs as PETA members; all animal research is wrong and cruel to animals ALF
Regulatory Enforcement and Animal Care REAC
Agency of USDA; enforce penalties for violations of the AWA REAC
Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care AAALAC
Private nonprofit that promotes humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation program; accreditation of research labs AAALAC
True or False? Birds use their breaks for eating so their skulls are modified by having suture joints to give cushion to the hard impacts. False - no suture joints
True or False? Intramuscular injections in birds are given in the semimembranosus and semiteninosis muscles. False - pectoral muscles
True or False? Birds do not have a bladder, sweat glands, or a diaphragm. True
True or False? All male birds have a phallus. False - all male birds do not have a penis (phallus)
True or False? The operational reproductive system of a female bird is only on the right side. False - left side
True or False? The columella is found in the large intestines. False - ear
The study of animals with completely known flora and fauna is referred to as? gnotobiology
Cesarean derived animals are referred to as? barrier sustained
Hookbills and zygodactyl feet are characteristics of psittaciformes
Zygodactyl feet have second and third toes face forward, first and fourth toes face backwards
Anisodactyl toes three toes forward and one toe to the rear
Canaries and finches are passerines
Where are pterylae found on birds? feather tracts
Apteria are found non-feathered areas of skin
The synsacrum is the fused caudal vertebrae
Birds have how many air sacs? 9
In birds, ovulation to egg takes how many hours? 15
The nutrient rich pecten is found in the eye
When performing a physical exam on a bird what is the purpose for auscultating the top of the head? to be sure we don't hear breathing noises
What are the 3 R's? Replacement, Refinement, Reduction
What is the purpose of the uropygial gland? preen gland; to cover the feathers with a waterproofing substance
Why are birds skeletons considered to be modified or special? Their bones have air inside them - pneumatic bones
What bone supports the flight muscles? keel
What are the differences in a canine RBC and an avian RBC? avian RBC is oval and nucleated
List the organs of the digestive system of birds in order. Esophagus, crop, proventriculous, ventriculous/gizzard, duodenal loop/duodenum, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, small intestine, ceca, large intestine, cloaca [Every Chicken Poops Very Dark Poop Lime Green Some Colors Like Cream]
What is the mechanical stomach of the chicken? Ventriculous/gizzard
What is the true stomach of the chicken? proventriculous
Know what bird CECA looks like. two horns off of large intestines
T or F? Rabbit blood clots quickly so a technician should use a heparinized syringe and needle to draw blood. True
t or f? the best area to give an IM injection to a rabbit is the cranial quadriceps and the lumbar muscles. true
t or f? rabbits are predisposed to hepatic lipidosis. true
t or f? rabbits are obligate mouth breathers false
t or f? rabbits cannot sweat or effectively pant so they may be prone to hypothermia false
t or f? rabbit fur is easily shaved just like dogs and cats false
t or f? rabbits are prone to hyperglycemia due to high fat reserves. false
t or f? rabies vaccines on rabbits are required once a year. false
t or f? ovulation in rabbits is induced by mating. true
t or f? if a rabbit's heartrate drops during an anesthetic procedure, atropine or glycopyrralate may be given to counteract it. false
the best place to put an intravenous catheter in a rabbit is the marginal ear vein
which two uroliths are the most common in rabbits? struvite and calcium carbonate
in rabbits, aural acariasis is caused by which parasite? psoroptes cuniculi
the best area on a rabbit to assess dehydration by using the skin turgor/tenting method is any hairless area
the normal temp range for a rabbit is 101-104
rabbits have a survival instinct that causes them to freeze when scared. what neurological test does this inhibit? menace
the most common infectious illness in pet rabbits is pasteurella
how often do kits nurse? once daily
at what age do kits start consuming solid food? 10 days
which diet is the best for a rabbit? pelleted
what kind of digestion system does the rabbit have? hindgut fermenter
which trait does a horse and rabbit both possess? cannot vomit
parturition in rabbits is technically called kindling
moist dermatitis in rabbits is usually caused by dewlap staying wet after drinking
the general cause of malocclusion in rabbits is heredity
a set of scent glands are located in what area of the rabbit's body? inguinal
the lungs of the rabbit are divided into right lobe containing three divisions, left lobe containing two divisions
the muscular lymphoid sac at the end of the ileum is called the sacculus rotundus
the teeth of rabbits are hypsodontic which means that they grow continuously their whole life
what is unusual about a female rabbit uterus and cervix? there are two of each
a rabbit that has otitis media or otitis interna can present with a head tilt which is commonly called wry neck; what is the medical name for it? torticollis
the common name for pateurellosis is snuffles
your veterinarian tells you to go and take radiographs of a rabbit that he suspects has trichobezoars so the two views that you take will be a VD, lateral abdomen
the zoonotic disease that is characterized by sudden death or abortion in does in late stages of pregnancy and has been found in the liver, spleen, and gravid uterus is listeriosis
the spore forming disease that is caused by clostridium piliforme and gives rabbits diarrhea, dehydration, and anorexia is tyzzer's disease
if a rabbit presents with mammae that are cyanotic and the doctor refers to it as having "blue bag" the rabbit is suffering from mastitis
the rabbit venereal disease seen in both does and bucks is called treponematosis
the only significant mycotic disease seen in domesticated rabbits is trichophyton mentagrophytes, ringworm, microsporum canis
rabbits may become infested with walking dandruff which is also called cheyletiella
the most common neoplasia of domestic doe rabbits is uterine adenocarcinoma
if a rabbit becomes obese it may predispose it to a condition commonly called bumblefoot, what is the medical term for it? pododermatitis
the area in the spine of the rabbit that is most commonly affected by trauma that leads to paralysis is L7
the congenital glaucoma seen in new zealand white rabbits is called buphthalmia
if a rabbit is given antibiotics what complications can occur? normal intestinal flora is disturbed; consequences are usually septicemia
which method below is an acceptable way of euthanasia for rabbits? overdose of inhalent
the best area in the mouth of the rabbit to insert a syringe to give oral meds is the diastema
the pendulous fold of skin at the caudal mandibulocervical region on a doe is called a dewlap
the most accurate measure of depth of anesthesia is the ___ reflex. pinna
cecotrophs are also called night feces
define bruxism teeth grinding
would a rabbit under anesthesia and intubated be put on a non-rebreathing or rebreathing circuut? nonrebreathing
what usually occurs in rabbits when trying to intubate that is very common in cats also? laryngospasm
what is the preferred position for taking an xray of a rabbit? VD, DV, lateral
what is the common name used for pasteurella? snuffles
are rabbits cold weather tolerant or hot weather tolerant? cold
what is the three hop rule? cage needs to be big enough to hop 3 times
how and when do rabbits eat cecotrophs? straight from anus at night
improper positioning or growth of teeth malocclusion
common occurrence in does if mounted by other does pseudopregnancy
teeth with long supragingival surfaces that grow continuously hypsodontic
the order that rabbits and hares are in lagomorph
the common name for the infection caused by francisella tularensis which is found in wild rabbits rabbit fever
posterior pair of upper incisors wolf teeth, peg teeth
hip dysplasia in rabbits splay leg
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