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Food Additives

FDSN524 Final Exam

Food additive Anything else outside of the standard of identity for that food product.
A ____ additive must be named on the food label. A ______ additive is added in small amounts during some phase of production. direct, indirect
Food Additives Amendment Additives must be proven safe before added to food.
Delaney Cause Prohibited a tolerance on any additive that was a known carcinogen.
Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act Defined materials as "dietary ingredients" rather than "food additives"; no health claims for dietary supplements.
Additives must give both ______ and _______ effects. physical, technical
T or F: Additives can be used to disguise poor quality and improve flavor. False
T or F: There is no GRAS exception for synthetic color additives. True
Name four functions of food additives. Preservatives, nutritional, sensory agents, processing agents, shelf life
Name five types of food additives. Humectants, Irradiation, Preservatives, Pre-probiotics, leavening agents
Antimicrobial Inhibit growth of pathogenic or spoilage organisms. eg. sodium chloride, acetic acid
Antioxidant Prevent free radical reaction; prevents deterioration of fat, color, flavors (oxidation)
Curing agents inhibit growth of _____ bacteria. C. botulinum
Name four flavor enhancers. MSG, salt, aspartame, vanillin,
Stabilizers provide ______, _______, and ______ to the food formula. viscosity, consistency, texture
Name five categories of food additives. Anticaking compounds, antioxididants, emulsifiers, food colors, irradiation, sweeteners, preservatives
Gives two examples of anticaking compounds. Silicon Dioxide, aluminum phosphate
T or F: Antifoamers must have higher surface tension than the system it is being added to. False
T or F: Alkaline earth and heavy metal ions are reported to stiffen bread doughs. True
Chelating agents Form complex with trace metals making them inactive, reducing discoloration, turbidity, and oxidation in food products
Water insoluble colors are _____. They are used to color food with high fat content. lakes
What are the three components of flavor? Taste, odor, perception of heat/cool
What are four constituents of flavors? Sweetness, organic acids, salt, astringency
MSG is a _______. flavor enhancer
Humectants Function to maintain moisture and texture in foods.
What are the three most commonly used preservatives? Benzoates, sorbates, propionates
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