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A & P Final

Review #2

Where the thyroid glands are located Adjacent to the trachea
Where the ovum is fertilized Oviducts
Main hormonal influence during proestrus Follicle stimulating hormone
Chamber of the heart surrounded by the larges amount of cardiac muscle Left ventricle
What artery carries deoxygenated blood Pulmonary artery
The tricuspid controls the flow of blood into what chamber Right ventricle
Term for contraction of the atria and ventricles Systole
Types of epithelium that lines the upper portion of the respiratory tract Pseudo stratified, ciliated, columnar epithelium
What the lining epithelium of blood vessels is called Endothelium
On an ECG what the QRS complex corresponds to Ventricular systole
Where phospholipids are primarily found in the body Cell membranes
Muscle cells with a single nuclei Smooth & Cardiac muscle
Skeletal muscles are under what type of contol Voluntary control
Where the SA node is located Wall of the right atrium
On an ECG what the T wave is associated with Ventricular repolarization
What the smooth ER produces Lipids
Large muscle of the caudal aspect of the lower hind limb Gastrocnemius
Separates the right and left ventricles Interventricular septum
Type of estrous cycle displayed by cows and pigs Polyestrous
Stage of the estrous cycle where the corpus luteum develops Metestrus
Type of estrous cycle displayed by dogs Diestrous
Hormone produced by the developing follicle Estrogen
What nociceptors detect Pain
In growing bone, where lengthening takes place Epiphyseal plate
What pyruvate is broken down to Acetyl CoA
Type of pressure that systemic circulation is under High
Valves that prevent the backflow of blood from the arteries to the ventricles Semilunar
Type of pressure the pulmonary circulation is under Low
Type of pleura that overlays the organs in the body Visceral
Another name for the eardrum Tympanic membrane
Pseudopregnancy results from and exaggerated Diestrus
Type of placentation a pregnant dog has Zonary
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