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A & P Final


What happens when the diaphragm contracts Size of the thoracic cavity increases
What produces the first heart sound Closure of right & left AV valves
The valve between the right atrium & the right ventricle Triscuspid valve
Exchange of oxygen & carbon dioxide between the alveoli & blood External respiration
Organelle responsible for production of ATP Mitochondria
Where striated muscle is located Heart & skeletal muscles
Aqueous humor is secreted by Ciliary body
Which structures act as light receptors Rods & Cones
Large lymphoid that stores blood, no essential to life Spleen
Type of placentation that a pregnant goat has Cotyledonary
Lymphoid organ that is prominent in young animals only Thymus
Scientific name for the white of the eye Sclera
Where the eye converts light stimuli to nerve impulses Retina
The portion of the retina that is not sensitive to light, the "blind spot" Optic nerve (disc)
Portion of the ear essential for hearing and equilibrium Inner ear
Structure in a newborn ruminant that allows milk to bypass the rumen and reticulum and go directly to the omasum Esophageal groove
Primary function of the urinary system Extraction of waste products from the blood
Term for he periodic elimination of excess gas from the ruminant forestomach Eructation
Term for chewing of food Mastication
Scientific term for emptying of the bladder Micturition
Area of the kidney responsible for filtration Glomerulus
What LH (leutinizing hormone) promotes the growth of Corpus luteum
Structure that produces LH (leutinizing hormone) Anterior pituitary
What is released when a follicle ruptures An ovum
Term for the process by which ova are formed Oogenesis
Hormone produced by the pancreas to decrease blood sugar levels Insulin
Type of placentation a pregnant mare has Diffuse
What gland regulates most of the endocrine system Pituitary gland
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