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Laboratory & Exotics

A male ferret is known as a hob
A female ferret is known as a jill
What kind of gland causes some of the odors of a ferret? sebaceous
What helps eliminate some of the odor from a ferret? neutering and removal of the anal glands
What other animal is very much like a ferret? cat
The heart of a ferret is in the shape of a heart, circle, octagon, cone, or a half circle? cone
What kind of human infection is transferable to ferrets? influenza
What is the result of a female ferret staying in estrus continuously? hyperestrogenism which suppresses the bone marrow which leads to anemia
Why are ferrets prone to foreign bodies? they are very curious and love to eat and chew on anything
Just like in felines, if a ferret goes without eating for long periods of time it predisposes it to what? hepatic lipidosis
What is aplastic anemia? when the bone marrow stops producing red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets
Aplastic anemia is commonly seen in which sex of ferrets? intact females
What is petechial hemorrhage? pin point areas of bleeding
The most common tumor of the oral cavity of ferrets is SCC, which stands for what? squamous cell carcinoma
What is the most common urinary calculi seen in ferrets? struvites
What other urinary calculi can be seen in ferrets? calcium oxalate, cystine
Urinary calculi are most often seen in males or females? males
An insulinoma in ferrets affects what organ? pancreas
Aleutian disease is caused by what virus? parvovirus
What are the normal vaccines given to ferrets? canine distemper and rabies
Hyperkeratotic foot pads can be seen in what disease of ferrets? canine distemper
What is the most common internal parasite seen in ferrets? cocidia
What are the two areas most commonly used for blood collection in ferrets? anterior vena cava and the jugular
What is the procedure for collecting a blood sample from the vena cava in a ferret? dorsal recumbency, forelimbs pulled caudally, insert needle into thoracic cavity between first rib and the manubrium at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees
In what ways is permanent identification used in ferrets? microchips, tatoos, ear tags, ear punches
What is the main dietary requirement of ferrets? protein
Besides a commercial ferret feed what other food may be fed? good quality kitten chow with a protein content of at least 30%
What part of the feline large intestines does a ferret lack? cecum
Which ferret is native to North America? black-footed, Mustela nigripes
What is the average life span of a ferret? 5-8 years
Are ferrets more heat tolerant or cold tolerant? cold
What is the maximum amount of time a ferret should be fasted before a surgery? 8 hours
Why is blood cross-matching of ferrets not necessary? Blood groups have not ever been identified in ferrets
What is the most serious bacterial infection of ferrets? Desulfovibrio-a campylobacter-like organism that causes a serious bowel disease.
If a ferret presents with right-sided heart failure, coughing, lethargy, dyspnea and weakness what could be the cause? Dirofilaria immitis--heartworms
What is the percentage of ferrets that are positive for heartworms whose direct smear would be positive for microfilaria? 50%
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