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Testing Testing

Veterinary Medical Terminology Chapter 16

What is included in a signalment when filling out a patient record? species, breed, age, and sexual status
What is included in vital signs? respiration rate, heart rate, pulse, temperature, blood pressure
What is a stethoscope used for? to listen to body sounds like the heart, lungs, and intestinal tract
What information does a PCV give us? packed cell volume; the percentage of circulating red blood cells within the body
What is the name of the machine that spins the microhematocrit tube called? centrifuge
What does SOAP stand for? subjective, objective, assessment, plan
If the DVM prescribed a medicine to treat an animal for a disease and the animal had a reaction to the medicine and it caused kidney failure, what type of disease is it called? iatrogenic; caused by the treatment
If an animal dies from an unknown disease and the other cats that it lives with are fine what would you call this type of disease? idiopathic; disorder of unknown cause
If Tallulah boards at the animal hospital and contracts kennel cough while there what is the medical term for this disease? nosocomial
Examination by tapping the surface to determine density of a body area is called percussion
The percentage of RBCs in blood is called a PCV, hematocrit, or crit
The quality of appearing white or light gray on a radiograph is called radiopaque
An outbreak that occurs sporadically in animals is called episodic
The "k" in kVp stands for kilo
The study of disease causes is etiology
The medical term for sphere is coccus
Pertaining to fever is febrile
A decrerase in body termperature below normal is called hypothermia
The medical term for prevention is prophylaxis
What is the radiographic contrast medium used to make images appear white when radiographed? barium sulfate
A plain radiograph taken before the administration of contrast medium is called what? scout film or survey film
If the x-ray beam passes through the body on an angle what kind of projection is this called? oblique
If the x-ray beam passes through the spine dorsally and the linea alba ventrally, what is this projection called? dorsoventral or DV
Name two types of fungus. yeast and mold
When a doctor says that we can give palliative care, what does he mean? We can give the animal some relief through pain medicines or other things but we cannot cure the condition it is suffering from.
When a doctor gives a diagnosis, what does that mean? the doctor has determined the cause of the disease
When a doctor gives a prognosis, what does that mean? it is the doctor's prediction of the outcome of the disease
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