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Feed and Protect Me

Veterinary Medical Terminology Chapter 15

What is another name for red blood cell? erythrocyte
What shape is an erythrocyte in canines and felines? biconcave disk
What is the thinnest part of an erythrocyte called? central pallor
What does blood supply the body with? oxygen, nutrients, hormones
Where is blood formed? bone marrow
What is an anticoagulant? prevents clotting of blood
Where is the buffy coat found? in a hematocrit tube between the plasma and blood cells once the tube has been centrifuged
What is contained in the buffy coat? leukocytes and platelets
Name two anticoagulants. EDTA and heparin
What are the granulocytes? neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils
What are the agranulocytes? monocytes, lymphocytes
What is the difference between serum and plasma? serum does not have clotting proteins and plasma does
What are the clotting proteins found in plasma? fibrinogen, prothrombin, albumin
What are the lipids that circulate in blood? triglycerides and cholesterol
What does hemoglobin do inside the red blood cell? transport oxygen
If I needed a serum sample, what color of blood tube would I use? red top or SST
If I needed a whole blood sample to run a CBC and differential, what color blood tube would I use? purple
If I was running a test that specified that no serum separator should be used, what color is the blood tube that I should use? red top-plain, not serum seperator gel in it
If I needed a plasma sample, what color blood tube should I use? green
Is a reticulocyte an immature or mature erythrocyte? immature
On a diff-quik stained blood smear, what would a reticulocyte look like? polychromatic, large
If there is an increased reticulocyte count, what does that mean the bone marrow is doing? responding to blood loss-it is trying to increase the number of circulating RBC's
What does leukocytopoiesis mean? production of white blood cells
If you are looking at a blood smear and the RBC's are in clumps what is the term used to describe them? agglutinated
If the erythrocytes are arranged like a stack of coins on a blood smear, what is the term used to describe them? rouleaux
If the erythrocytes on a blood smear are all different sizes, some large some small, what is the term used to describe this? anisocytosis
If the RBC's on a blood smear are in different shapes, not round, what is the term used to describe this? poikilocytosis
If a dog is positive for heartworms, which white blood cell could be elevated on a differential? eosinophils
Which WBC is the most numerous in a normal canine and feline differential? neutrophil
What is the name of the clotting cells? platelets or thrombocytes
Which circulatory system functions as part of the immune system by destroying and removing foreign substances in the body? lymphatic system
The clear, colorless tissue fluid that leaves the capillaries and flows in the spaces between the cells of a tissue or an organ is called what? interstitial fluid
Lymph nodes serve what purpose? filter lymph to remove harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses
The tonsils are what kind of tissue? lymphatic
Which organ is responsible for filtering foreign material from the blood, storing erythrocytes, removing damaged or old erythrocytes, and maintaining an appropriate balance of cells and plasma in the blood? spleen
What is the organ called where T cells develop and it is mostly found in younger animals? thymus
What kind of immunity does a puppy at weeks old receive from a vaccination? artificially acquired active immunity
What kind of immunity does a 4 month old rottweiler receive if he survives an active disease of parvovirus? naturally acquired active immunity
What kind of immunity does a newborn kitten receive when he is nursing from the queen? naturally acquired passive immunity
Which kind of tumor would be the best to have, malignant or benign? benign
If a cancerous tumor has grown out of control and has spread throughout the body, what is the medical term for this growth? metastatic
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