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gym chapter 11&15&14

gym chapter 12

anatomy and function of spine the spine should have gentle curves when viewed from the sides but should be straight
deviations 1) forward head till head is aligned in the front 2) kyphosis: excessive curvature of upper back also called "humpback"
deviations 3) lumbar lordois: excessive curvature of the lower back also called "swayback" to correct this condition, strengthen the muscles around the lumbar spine. 4) abdgminal ptosis: sagging or protruding abdomen
deviations 5) hyper extended knees knees bent backward excessively 6) probated feet: the longitudinal arch of the foot flatten with increased pressure on the inner aspect of the foot results: absorption leading to knee
postural problems scoliosis is the most serious and deforming
reasons for backaches lack of endurance lack of strength lack of flexibility
facts micro trauma is an injury so small it cannot be detected at the time it occurs micro trauma can lead to back and neck pain
back car tips postural when laying knees and hips bent (avoid lying on stomach place a pillow between your knees when lying on your side)
elements of good sitting posrure when sitting at a desk all day make sure to rest your back firmly
Us dietary guidelines Reduce solid fats and added sugar (sofas)
Carbohydrate Simple sugars lead to rapid increases in blood sugar levels
Carbohydrates recommended The average intake of dietary fiber is much lower than the recommended amount of 25
Fats (unsaturated) Liquid at room temperature
Fat cont Should be avoided to help reduce the intake of sodium Less then 35% of the daily calories should come from total fat Less than 10% of daily calories should come from saturated fats
3 protein Protein should only make up 10-35% of the recommended daily allowance (rid)
3 protein (cont) Essential (9) must be obtained from food Amino acids are the simple building block of protein
Protein guidelines High protein diets are damaging on the kidneys because the body must process a lot of extra nitrogen
Vitamins Do not contain calories or provide energy
Water Drink at least 8 glasses a day
Body composition The term essential fat means the minimum amount of body fat essential for good health approximately 69%
Body fat 3,500 calories equals one pound of body fat People vary in body weight from day and hour based on their level of hydration
The origin of fatness Creeps obesity is caused by age and decrease in exercise Excessive body fat best characterizes
Regional fat deposition Abdominal body fat poses greater health risks than fat stored in other locations 10-20% is the recommended percentage of body fat for male
Visceral fat Visceral body fat poses greater health risk because this fat is more labeled and has greater access
Sample bmi values The accepted international standards for interpretation bmi categorize fat
Relationships between pa and body composition Pa that can be sustained for relatively long periods is considered the most effective for losing body fat Regular pa is critical for build and maintain bone health
Target zone Body fat reduction Fit daily 3-6 days a week 60 mins Diet
Created by: Mssanchez92