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Veterinary Medical Terminology Chapter 12

If a cat has been in labor for 24 hours and has not produced a kitten yet, what is the term used to describe her condition? dystocia
The first waste material from a newborn is called what? meconium
What parts are removed when an ovariohysterectomy is performed? ovaries, uterus, and uterine tubes
Which stage of the estrous cycle is the period when a female is receptive to a male? estrus
The period of the estrous cycle when the animal is sexually quiet is called what? anestrus
When an animal is ovulating and is receptive to a male what is a general term used to describe this? heat or standing heat
Is fertilization synonymous with copulation? No. Copulation is the act of sexual intercourse and fertilization is the union of ovum and sperm
What is exchanged between the mother and the offspring through the placenta? nutrients, oxygen, and waste products
What is another name for placenta? AFTER BIRTH
What is the area called where the fetus connects with the placenta? umbilicus
Where do fetus fecal waste accumulate within the placenta? allantois
What is another name for the amnion? amniotic sac or bag of waters
What is another name for umbilicus? naval
What is the word that describes substances that produce change or that create genetic abnormalities? mutagens
The procedure that collects amniotic fluid from the amniotic sac is called what? amniocentesis
When a male animal doesn't produce/make sperm, what is the term used to describe it? azoospermia
If a female dog presents with swollen, hot, inflammed mammary glands and she has a litter of 3 week old puppies at home, what is the probable diagnosis? mastitis
When an animal is found to have both female and male reproductive organs the condition is called what? hermaphroditism
What is contained in colostrum? nutrients and antibodies
If a female queen is lactating, what does that mean? she is producing milk and secreting it for her kittens
What does TVT stand for? transmissible venereal tumor
Would a retained placenta be considered an emergency? Yes. It can lead to metritis and infertility in the female.
What does the suffix -cele mean? hernia
What are two abbreviations used for spay? OHE or OVH
When performing a hysterectomy, what organ is removed? uterus
When performing a mastectomy what is removed? mammary gland tissue
When performing an oophorectomy what organs are removed? ovaries
When performing an orchidectomy, what organs are removed? testis
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