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Veterinary Medical Terminology Chapter 12

Define presentation. the position of a fetus within the uterus before delivering
Define Cornu. horn
Define nulligravida. never been impregnated
Define paraphimosis. a penis that is being prevented from being retracted due to the glans penis being painfully swollen and the prepuce being too swollen
Define fetotomy. cutting apart of the fetus while it is in the uterus to be able to get it out
Define intact. not neutered
Define orchidectomy. surgical removal of the testicles
Define neuter. to sexually alter
Define priapism. persistent penile erection not associated with sexual excitement
Define pyometra. pus in the uterus.
Define metritis. inflammation of the uterus
Define teratogens. substances that produce defects in the fetus
Define oligospermia deficient amount of sperm in semen
Define orchitis. inflammation of the gonads of the male
Define cryptorchidism. developmental defect in which one or both testes fail to descend into the scrotum
Define viable. when a fetus is capable of living outside of the mother
Define cyesis. pregnancy
Define the combining form gravid/o. pregnant
Define the combining form gest/o. gestation
Define primigravida. female during the first pregnancy
Define multigravida. female who has borne multiple offspring during the same gestation; such as a litter
Define ovovivparous. producing eggs that are hatched within the body, so that young are born alive but without placental attachment such as snakes!!
Define nulligravida. one who has never been pregnant
Define chorion. the outermost part/layer of the placenta
Define gestation. period of development of the fetus in the uterus from conception to parturition
Define parturition. act of giving birth
Define copulate. sexual intercourse
Define coitus. sexual intercourse
Define vulva. the external female genitalia
Define uterus. thick walled hollow organ with muscular walls and a mucous membrane lining that houses the developing embryo in pregnant females
Define cervix. the caudal part of the uterus
Define oviducts. uterine tubes
Define prepuce. the retractable fold of skin covering the glas penis
Define foreskin. prepuce
Define ductus deferens. the tube connected to the epididymis that carries sperm in to the pelvic region toward the urethra
Define what the prostate gland is responsible for. secretes a thick fluid that aids in the motility of sperm
Define theriogeneology. animal reproduction or the study of producing beasts
Define what the Sertoli cells do. support and nourish sperm growth
Define spermatogenesis. production of male gametes
Define scrotum. The external pouch that encloses and supports the testes
Define perineum. area between the scrotum and the anus
Define what the purpose of the epididymis. secretes part of the semen, stores semen before ejaculation, and provides a passageway for sperm
gen/o producing
-logy to study
genit/o organs of reproduction
scrot/o scrotum
perine/o perineum
semin/i semen
prostat/o prostate gland
urethr/o urethra
pen/i and priap/o penis
ovari/o, oophor/o female gonad
oo/o, ov/i, and ov/o egg
salping/o uterine tube
hyster/o, metri/o, and uter/o uterus
cervic/o neck
colp/o and vagin/o vagina
vulv/o, episi/o vulva
lact/i milk
mamm/o and mast/o mammary glands
ejaculat/o throw or hurl out
part/o giving birth
vivi- live
primi- first
nulli- none
-para bear or bring forth
crypt/o hidden
abort/o premature expulsion of a nonviable fetus
terat/o malformed fetus
mut/o genetic change
phim/o muzzling or constriction of a n orifice
pseudo- false
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