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Chapter 8

PA - Skeletal Muscle Adaptations to regular PA

muscle fibers are regulated in subgroups activated by a single motor neuron called a : motor unit
what is a neuromuscular junction? where nerve meets the muscle ending
if the nerve ending is cut, what will happen? muscle won't contract
influx of sodium (Na+) is called depolarization
efflux of potassium (K+) is called repolarization
impulse from motor neuron results in... release of ACh into the neuromuscular junction
why isn't ACh a hormone? b/c its released on site & only effects neuromuscular junction
after ACh is released..what happens? sodium comes in
after the sodium comes in then... the action potential travels and releases calcium
after calcium is released then it... binds to troponion & form cross bridges
where is calcium stored? sarcoplasmic reticulum
thin filament is known as actin
myosin thick filament
__ and __ work together so muscle can contract actin & myosin
as long as calcium is involved... you have muscle contraction
muscle fibers relax when... no more calcium is being released
after cross bridges are form. troponin moves troporhysin & exposes __ actin
after actin gets exposed so does everything else. the last step is __ calcium returns to SR
Created by: Mariahj25