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Chapter 5

Physical Activity & Disease - ES 2100

our energy currency is known as... ATP
ATP can be broken down into __ and __ anaerobic & aerobic
we have very little ATP in our body therefore... it must be replenished at same rate its used
anaerobic respiration fast - no need for O2
this type of ATP is slow, has unlimited quantity & requires O2 aerobic
energy is made available when... ATP splits into ADP
as ATP increases , aerobic respiration ___ increases
anaerobic respiration ___ as ATP increases decreases
the ratio between amount of carbon dioxide you breath out & consume respiration exchange ratio (RER)
the RER is determined to see.. what carbon dioxide is being created
as intensity of exercise increases, ___ becomes the main fuel carbohydrates
r= 0.70 when... fat is only fuel
r=1 when... carbohydrates are main fuel
r is between 0.70 and 1 when... fuel is composed of carbohydrates & fats
RER= volume CO2/ volume O2
when the r value is greater than 1 this means... your'e reaching maximum levels
intensity is inversely related to __ duration
your body gets more energy from __ versus sugar fats
vo2 difference is... how much oxygen is released from arteries by whats left in veins
the greater the force or rate at which power is developed, the greater the need for... ATP
long term sources of ATP are provided by: fat & oxidative metabolism of carbohydrate (CHO)
vo2= volume of oxygen
the magnitude of change in vo2 is influenced by.... vo2 max
___ doesn't increase instantaneously to the level required to generate ATP..it gradually increases until vo2 reached vo2
this type of test is used to evaluate a person's metabolic, cardiovascular and respiratory responses to increase in exercise intensity. graded exercise test
the GXT measurement is usually taken in the... last 30 seconds
oxygen consumption is the product of___ cardiac output
college male vo2max 45-50 ml/kg/min
college femal vo2 max 35-40 ml/kg/min
cardiac patient vo2max <20 ml/kg/min
elite athlete vo2max >80 ml/kg/min
accumulation of lactic acid = product of the rate & product of clearance
LA production increases due to: increased ADP & EPI levels. increased FT fibers
clearance rate decreases due to: less hepatic blood flow & flow during working muscles
venous blood returns the blood from// the tissues
the difference between ocygen content of arterial blood and venous blood is called oxygen extraction
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