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DU PA Pharm Contra

Duke PA Pharmacology Contraception

primary mechanism of estrogen contraceptives inhibits ovulation
primary mechanism of progestin contraceptives promotes endometrium atrophy
drosperinone is an analogue of __ spironolactone
OCP type: consistent E and P for 21 days monophasic
OCP type: consistent E x 21 days, P increases on day 7 or 10 biphasic
OCP type: E and P vary weekly x 21 days triphasic
side effects of androgen excess increased appetite, noncyclic weight gain, hirsutism, acne, oily skin, increased libido, pruritis
what is tricycling when women continue to take the active dose of OCPs without taking a placebo dose
why would a woman use the tricycling method of taking OCPs sever PMS or cyclic depression, endometriosis, cyclic headache, wish to avoid menses at a specific time
why would someone take the minipill hx of thromboembolism, uncontrolled HTN, migraine worsened by EE, current liver impairment or tumor, current DVT, smoker>35 yo, breast feeding
break through bleeding enough bleeding to need a tampon or pad
disadvantages of minipill irregular menses, BTB, spotting, ectopic pregnancy risk, need for strict compliance
if a woman taking the minipill takes it >3 hours later than normal she should be advised to use backup method for __ hours 48
what does the ACHES acronym stand for Abdominal pain, Chest pain (SOB, hemoptysis), Headache, Eye problems, Severe leg pain
What does the ACHES acronym screen for thrombo-embolic event
what should a patient do if she forgets to take a pill for one day take the first pill when remembered and the second at the usual time, may be two pills at the same time, no need for back up
what should a patient do if she does not take the OCP at the normal time take pill as soon as remembered
what should a patient do if she missess two days of OCP take 2 pills the first dayn and two pills the next day and then resume pack. Back-up must be used for 7 days.
schedule of nuvaring left in place for 3 weeks and removed for 1 week
many women discontinue use of nuvaring due to foreign body sensation, coital problems, device expulsion
the nuvaring may be removed before intercourse but must be reinserted withing __ hours 3
Mirena recommended for woman who have: had 1 or more children
Mirena CI acute PID or h/o PID
Created by: bwyche