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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Duke PA Orth Sp Test Duke PA Ortho special tests/signs Sports Medicine 2008-12-11 bwyche 33 2 edit
Duke PA ortho Fx Duke PA Ortho fractures and other bony bad stuff Sports Medicine 2020-03-25 bwyche 84 6 edit
Duke PA Onc ph class Duke PA Pharm oncology drug classification Pharmacology 2008-12-13 bwyche 33 2 edit
Duke PA ortho pharm Duke PA ortho pharm general info Pharmacology 2008-12-15 bwyche 30 1 edit
Duke PA ph antiarrhy Duke PA pharm antiarrhythmics Pharmacology 2008-12-13 bwyche 82 2 edit
Duke PA Onc dmethods Duke PA Oncology diagnostic methods Laboratory Science 2015-10-10 bwyche 70 3 edit
Duke PA myo/dermatom Duke PA Ortho myotomes/dermatomes and DTR's Sports Medicine 2020-03-25 bwyche 54 6 edit
Duke PA Ortho ROM Duke PA Ortho Range of Motion Sports Medicine 2020-03-25 bwyche 36 4 edit
DU PA Occ/int Lu Dis Duke PA Occupational/Interstitial/GranulomatousLung Disease Medical 2009-01-14 bwyche 40 1 edit
DU PA Nep/Potas/Mine Duke PA Potassium Homeostasis and Mineral Metabolism Medical 2009-02-02 bwyche 27 1 edit
DU PA PULM HPE Duke PA Pulmonology History, Physical, Exam Medical 2009-01-11 bwyche 91 3 edit
DU PA Asthma/COPD Duke PA Asthma/COPD Medical 2009-01-14 bwyche 19 1 edit
DU PA LRI Duke PA Lower Respiratory Tract Infections Medical 2009-01-12 bwyche 43 1 edit
DU PA ABG & pH Duke PA Arterial blood gas and acid/base balance Biochemistry 2024-01-25 bwyche 76 6 edit
DU PA Pulm Vasc Duke PA Pulmonary Vasculature Disease Medical 2009-01-13 bwyche 23 1 edit
DU PA Pulm testing Duke PA Pulmonary Function Testing and Sleep Studies Medical 2009-01-13 bwyche 58 1 edit
DU PA As/COPD RTI PH Duke PA Asthma/COPD/RTI Pharmacology Pharmacology 2009-01-14 bwyche 122 2 edit
DU PA Lung CA/pleura Duke PA Lung Cancer and Pleural disease Medical 2009-01-15 bwyche 128 1 edit
DU PA ARDS/RF Duke PA Acute Respiratory Distress/ Respiratory Failure Medical 2012-11-22 bwyche 37 6 edit
World TB Day TB factoids Earth Science 2009-03-23 bwyche 17 1 edit
DU PA challenge bowl Duke PA Challenge Bowl Unfinished 2016-05-02 bwyche 417 9 edit
DU PA Bhv Hlth Pharm Duke PA Behavioral Health Pharmacology Pharmacology 2009-01-20 bwyche 55 1 edit
DU PA UTI Duke PA Urinary Tract Infections Medical 2009-01-25 bwyche 62 4 edit
DU PA Urinalysis Duke PA Urinalysis Laboratory Science 2022-06-09 bwyche 85 11 edit
DU PA Kidney Disease Duke PA Kidney Disease/ Kidney Function Medical 2009-01-26 bwyche 111 1 edit
DU PA Behavioral DU PA Behavioral Health Psychology 2009-02-08 bwyche 151 1 edit
DU PA GI Surgery Duke PA Gastrointestinal Surgery Medical 2009-01-27 bwyche 208 3 edit
DU PA Glomerular DZs Duke PA Glomerular disease and other Intrinsic Renal Disease Medical 2009-01-27 bwyche 79 3 edit
DU PA Arthritis Duke PA Arthritis Medical 2009-02-10 bwyche 220 1 edit
DU PA Chronic K Dz Duke PA Chronic Kidney Disease Medical 2009-01-28 bwyche 86 1 edit
DU PA Kidney Stones Duke PA Nephrolithiasis Medical 2009-01-28 bwyche 45 3 edit
DU PA Neph Pharm Duke PA Nephrology Pharmacology Pharmacology 2009-01-29 bwyche 72 2 edit
DU PA Surg Flui/elec Duke PA Surgery Fluids and electrolytes Medical 2009-01-29 bwyche 128 1 edit
DU PA Normal Values Duke PA Normal Values Medical 2009-02-01 bwyche 27 3 edit
DU PA Dialysis/trans Duke PA Dialysis and Kidney Transplant Medical 2009-02-02 bwyche 27 1 edit
DU PA Salt and Water Duke PA Salt and Water Medical 2009-02-02 bwyche 96 1 edit
DU PA Intro to Rheum DU PA Introduction into Rheumatology Medical 2009-02-03 bwyche 55 3 edit
DU PA Neph imaging Duke PA Nephrology Imaging Radiology 2015-05-28 bwyche 29 4 edit
DU PA Eating Dis Duke PA Eating Disorders Medical 2009-02-05 bwyche 19 1 edit
DU PA SLE Duke PA Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Medical 2012-09-28 bwyche 36 2 edit
DU PA Scleroderma Duke PA Scleroderma Medical 2009-02-09 bwyche 11 1 edit
DU PA Behavioral H 2 Duke PA Behavioral Health 2 Psychology 2009-02-10 bwyche 5 0 edit
DU PA X-ray & Arth Duke PA Radiology of Arthritis Medical 2009-02-10 bwyche 58 1 edit
DU PA Syn Flu Analy Duke PA Synovial Fluid Analysis Medical 2009-02-10 bwyche 24 1 edit
DU PA Misc Rheum Duke PA Miscellaneous Rheumatologic Disease Medical 2009-02-11 bwyche 37 1 edit
DU PA Sur-Sho/Tra/In Duke PA Surgery-Shock, Transfusion, and infection Medical 2009-02-13 bwyche 146 1 edit
DU PA Rheum Gen/bran Duke PA Rheumatology Generic/Brand names Pharmacology 2009-02-11 bwyche 13 1 edit
DU PA Rheum Pharm Duke PA Rheumatology Pharmacology Pharmacology 2009-02-11 bwyche 130 1 edit
SRL Medical Spanish Medical Spanish Spanish 2019-06-30 bwyche 151 4 edit
DU PA Surg Nutr Duke PA Surgical Nutrition Medical 2009-02-12 bwyche 44 1 edit
DU PA Surg Intro Duke PA Intro to Surgery Medical 2009-02-12 bwyche 118 3 edit
DU PA Surg Hint-Hint Duke PA Surgery from the study guide for Test #1 Medical 2009-02-15 bwyche 209 1 edit
DU PA Behav-Change Duke PA Behavioral Health-Changing Behavior Psychology 2009-02-17 bwyche 11 1 edit
DU PA-DM Duke PA Diabetes Mellitus Medical 2009-02-17 bwyche 85 1 edit
Endocrinology I Pituitary Hormones Unfinished 2009-03-01 bwyche 30 1 edit
Endocrine Pharm Pharmacology memorization Unfinished 2009-03-02 bwyche 26 1 edit
DU PA Adrenal Patho Duke PA Adrenal Pathophysiology Medical 2009-03-03 bwyche 52 1 edit
DU PA Thyroid Duke PA Thyroid Medical 2009-03-03 bwyche 37 1 edit
DU PA Neuro Ana/appr DU PA Neuro Anatomy Review/Approach to the Neuro Patient Medical 2009-03-09 bwyche 179 3 edit
DU PA Motor Neuron D Duke PA Neuromuscular Diseases Medical 2009-03-09 bwyche 70 1 edit
DU PA CNS Infections Duke PA CNS Infections Medical 2009-03-09 bwyche 63 1 edit
DU PA CSF DM Duke PA CSF/Lumbar Puncture Diagnostic Methods Medical 2009-03-10 bwyche 57 1 edit
DU PA MS Duke PA Multiple Sclerosis Medical 2009-03-10 bwyche 12 4 edit
DU PA Neur Pharm Gen Duke PA Neurology Pharmacology Brand/Generics Pharmacology 2009-03-10 bwyche 41 1 edit
DU PA Pharm H/A Duke PA Pharmacology Headache Pharmacology 2014-05-26 bwyche 67 4 edit
DU PA Neurogenetics Duke PA Neurogenetics Genetics 2009-03-11 bwyche 51 1 edit
DU PA Headache Duke PA Headache Medical 2009-03-11 bwyche 38 2 edit
DU PA DM Toxicology Duke PA Diagnostic Methods Toxicology of Substance Abuse Laboratory Science 2015-10-08 bwyche 32 3 edit
DU PA Coma Duke PA Coma Medical 2009-03-11 bwyche 102 1 edit
DU PA Epilepsy Duke PA Epilepsy Medical 2009-03-11 bwyche 69 1 edit
DU PA Surg Es/LuCA Duke PA Esophageal/Lung Cancer (Surgery) Medical 2009-03-12 bwyche 17 1 edit
DU PA Movemente dis Duke PA Movement Disorders Medical 2009-03-12 bwyche 88 1 edit
DU PA CNS Neoplasm Duke PA CNS Neoplasm Medical 2012-09-07 bwyche 60 2 edit
DU PA Surgery final Duke PA Surgery Final Medical 2009-03-13 bwyche 14 1 edit
DU PA Park Pharm Duke PA Parkinson's Pharmacology Medical 2009-03-14 bwyche 67 1 edit
DU PA Seizure Pharm Duke PA Seizure Pharmacology Medical 2009-03-14 bwyche 95 1 edit
DU PA Stroke Duke PA Stroke Medical 2009-03-16 bwyche 57 1 edit
DU PA Periph Neuropa Duke PA Peripheral Neuropathy Medical 2020-04-09 bwyche 13 1 edit
DU PA Addiction Duke PA Addiction Medical 2009-03-17 bwyche 10 1 edit
DU PA EEG and EMG Duke PA EEG and EMG Medical 2009-03-17 bwyche 23 1 edit
DU PA Neuroradiology Duke PA Neuroradiology Medical 2009-03-17 bwyche 54 1 edit
DU PA GI Approach Duke PA Approach to the Patient with Gastrointestinal Disease Medical 2009-03-23 bwyche 96 1 edit
DU PA Pancreas Duke PA Diseases of the Pancreas Medical 2009-03-23 bwyche 113 1 edit
DU PA GI bleed Duke PA GI bleed Medical 2009-03-23 bwyche 33 1 edit
DU PA Colon Cancer Duke PA Colon Cancer Medical 2009-03-23 bwyche 82 1 edit
DU PA Infectious Dia DU PA Infectious Diarrhea Medical 2009-03-23 bwyche 87 1 edit
DU PA Dz of the Esop Duke PA Diseases of the Esophagus Medical 2009-03-24 bwyche 56 1 edit
DU PA GE Labs Duke PA Gastroenterology Labs Medical 2018-02-11 bwyche 142 2 edit
DU PA Peptic Ulcer Duke PA Peptic Ulcer Disease Medical 2009-03-24 bwyche 46 1 edit
DU PA Liver Disease Duke PA Liver Disease Medical 2009-03-24 bwyche 55 1 edit
DU PA IBD Duke PA Inflammatory Bowel Disease Medical 2017-07-29 bwyche 48 2 edit
DU PA IBS Duke PA Irritable Bowel Syndrome Medical 2009-03-25 bwyche 28 1 edit
DU PA Diarrhea/malab Duke PA Chronic Diarrhea, Malabsorption, and Celiac Disease Medical 2009-03-25 bwyche 34 1 edit
DU PA GI Pharm Duke PA GI Pharmacology Medical 2009-03-26 bwyche 74 3 edit
DU PA Surgery Final Duke PA Surgery Final Medical 2009-03-26 bwyche 91 1 edit
DU PA GI Sp Studies Duke PA GI Special Studies Medical 2009-03-26 bwyche 83 1 edit
DU PA Stool Studies Duke PA Stool Studies Medical 2009-03-27 bwyche 37 1 edit
DU PA DM Vir Hep Duke PA Diagnostic Methods Viral Hepatitis Medical 2009-03-27 bwyche 17 1 edit
DU PA Geriatric PE Duke PA Geriatric Physical Exam Medical 2009-03-27 bwyche 16 1 edit
DU PA Geriatric Prob Duke PA Geriatric Problems Medical 2009-03-27 bwyche 6 1 edit
DU PA GI Radiology Duke PA GI Radiology Medical 2009-03-28 bwyche 167 1 edit
DU PA GI Brand/Gen Duke PA GI Brand/Generics Medical 2009-03-30 bwyche 31 1 edit
DU PA Surg final red Duke PA Surgery Final The Red Stuff Medical 2009-04-03 bwyche 68 1 edit
DU PA Surg 2 Stu Gui Duke PA Surgery II Study Guide Medical 2009-04-04 bwyche 246 1 edit
DU PA Intro to Derm Duke PA Introduction to Dermatology Medical 2009-04-06 bwyche 68 3 edit
DU PA Bac Inf Skin Duke PA Bacterial Infections of the Skin Medical 2009-04-06 bwyche 57 1 edit
DU PA Fung/Vir Skin Duke PA Fungal and Viral Infections of the Skin Medical 2009-04-06 bwyche 47 1 edit
DU PA Creepy Crawler Duke PA Human Ectoparasites (Dermatology) Medical 2009-04-08 bwyche 48 1 edit
DU PA Benign/Mal ski Duke PA Benign and Malignant Skin Lesions Medical 2009-04-08 bwyche 34 1 edit
DU PA Inflam Dermato Duke PA Common Inflammatory Dermatoses Medical 2009-04-08 bwyche 9 1 edit
DU PA All Geriatrics Duke PA Everything Geriatric Medical 2009-04-09 bwyche 169 1 edit
DU PA Derm Syst Dz Duke PA Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Disease Medical 2009-04-09 bwyche 76 1 edit
DU PA Acne and Warts Duke PA Acne and Warts Medical 2009-04-09 bwyche 16 1 edit
DU PA Beha Med Fin Duke PA Behavioral Medicine Final from powerpoints Psychology 2009-04-14 bwyche 231 1 edit
DU PA Acne & Warts Duke PA Acne & Wars Medical 2009-04-11 bwyche 100 0 edit
DU PA Ever Geri II Duke PA Everything Geriatrics II Medical 2009-04-11 bwyche 23 1 edit
DU PA Geri Brand/Gen Duke PA Geriatrics Brand/Generics Medical 2009-04-13 bwyche 36 1 edit
DU PA Pharm Geri Duke PA Pharmacology Geriatrics Medical 2009-04-13 bwyche 82 1 edit
DU PA GYN Bleeding Duke PA Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, and Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Medical 2009-04-19 bwyche 64 3 edit
DU PA GYN anat/phys Duke PA Gynecologic Anatomy and Physiology Medical 2009-04-19 bwyche 104 1 edit
DU PA Non-Ca Gyn Dis Duke PA Non-Cancerous Gynecologic Disorders Medical 2009-04-20 bwyche 71 1 edit
DU PA Gyn cancers Duke PA Gyn cancers Medical 2009-04-20 bwyche 26 1 edit
DU PA Contraception Duke PA Contraception Medical 2009-04-21 bwyche 94 1 edit
DU PA Pharm Contra Duke PA Pharmacology Contraception Medical 2009-04-21 bwyche 23 1 edit
DU PA Gyn Diag Meth Duke PA Gyn Diagnostic Methods Medical 2009-04-21 bwyche 10 1 edit
DU PA Pharm STD t Duke PA Pharmacology STD Treatment Medical 2009-04-21 bwyche 27 1 edit
DU PA Menopause Duke PA Menopause Medical 2009-04-24 bwyche 27 1 edit
DU PA GYN infections Duke PA Gyn Infections Medical 2009-04-29 bwyche 106 1 edit
DU PA Gyn PFD Duke PA Pelvic Floor Disease Medical 2009-04-24 bwyche 19 1 edit
DU PA Gyn HRT Duke PA Gyn Hormone Replacement Therapy Medical 2009-04-24 bwyche 20 2 edit
DU PA Emer CP/Card Duke PA Chest Pain/Cardiac Emergency Medical 2009-04-24 bwyche 55 3 edit
DU PA GYN Hrmn Study Duke PA GYN Hormone Studies Laboratory Science 2019-08-15 bwyche 55 3 edit
Pharm B Name/Gen Gyn Pharm Brand Name/Generics for Gynecology-- names only Unfinished 2009-04-29 bwyche 12 1 edit
DU PA GYN Brand/gen Duke PA GYN Brand Generics Medical 2009-04-29 bwyche 13 1 edit
DU PA Infertility Duke PA Infertility Medical 2009-04-29 bwyche 39 1 edit
DU PA tors, orch,std Duke PA Epididymitis, Orchitis, Torsion, STD Medical 2009-05-04 bwyche 53 1 edit
DU PA BPH, ED, Prost Duke PA BPH, ED, Prostatitis Medical 2009-05-04 bwyche 84 1 edit
DU PA Male CA Duke PA Male Cancer Medical 2014-03-18 bwyche 73 5 edit
DU PA Occ Emergency Duke PA Occular Emergencies Medical 2009-05-09 bwyche 89 1 edit
DU PA GU Emergency Duke PA Genito-Urinary Emergencies Medical 2009-05-09 bwyche 37 3 edit
DU PA GI Emr/ab pain Duke PA Gastrointestinal Emergencies and Abdominal Pain Medical 2009-05-10 bwyche 79 1 edit
DU PA Resp Em/airwy Duke PA Respiratory Emergencies and Airway management Medical 2009-05-10 bwyche 45 2 edit
DU PA CP Emergencies Duke PA Chest Pain Emergencies Medical 2014-04-14 bwyche 100 1 edit
DU PA Inf Dz Emerg Duke PA Infectious Disease Emergencies Medical 2009-05-10 bwyche 57 1 edit
DU PA OB Gen Screen Duke PA OB Genetic Screening Medical 2009-05-11 bwyche 65 1 edit
DU PA HTN, LBW, GDM Duke PA Hypertension, Eclampsia, Low Birth Weight, Macrosomia, And GDM Medical 2009-05-13 bwyche 101 1 edit
DU PA OB Gen Test Duke PA OB Genetic Testing Medical 2009-05-14 bwyche 65 1 edit
DU PA Norm Preg Duke PA Normal Pregnancy Medical 2009-05-14 bwyche 36 1 edit
DU PA Labor Duke PA Labor Medical 2009-05-14 bwyche 69 1 edit
DU PA Prenatal Care Duke PA Prenatal Care Medical 2023-03-05 bwyche 64 1 edit
DU PA Peds Hlth Main Duke PA Pediatric Health Maintenance Medical 2009-06-03 bwyche 71 4 edit
DU PA Peds MS Dz Duke PA Pediatric Musculoskeletal Disease Medical 2009-06-03 bwyche 48 4 edit
DU PA Peds Oral Hlth Duke PA Pediatric Oral Health Medical 2009-06-03 bwyche 45 4 edit
DU PA Newb & infant Duke PA Newborn and Infant Medical 2009-06-03 bwyche 101 4 edit
DU PA Peds Nutrition Duke PA Pediatric Nutrition Medical 2009-06-03 bwyche 58 4 edit
DU PA Ped's Phys Exm Duke PA Pediatrics Physical Exam Medical 2009-06-03 bwyche 63 5 edit
DU PA Peds Sports Ev Duke PA Pediatric Sports Evaluation Medical 2009-06-04 bwyche 27 4 edit
DU PA Peds Resp Duke PA Pediatrics Respiratory Medical 2009-06-04 bwyche 58 4 edit
Duke 2010 Pharm Onc Pharm Onc Pharmacology 2008-12-09 asmurf221 22 1 edit
Duke 2010 Cards II Pharm Cards II Pharmacology 2008-12-09 asmurf221 11 1 edit
Duke 2010 II NSAIDS NSAIDS Pharmacology 2008-12-09 asmurf221 14 1 edit
Duke 2010 Muscle Rlx Muscle Relaxants Pharmacology 2008-12-09 asmurf221 7 1 edit
Stack #194036 Duke PA Class 2010 Pulmonology Pharm Pharmacology 2009-01-14 bnthomps 29 1 edit

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