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DU PA Contraception

Duke PA Contraception

smokers 35 years and older: never put them on __ containing contraception estrogen
what is the Pearl Index the number of unintended pregnancies per hundred women per year
failure rate of coitus interruptus 4-27%
failure rate of fertility awareness-based contraception if used perfectly 9%
general failure rate of fertility awareness-based contraception 20-25%
average fertile period is __ days per cycle 6
unprotected intercourse __ days before ovulation results in 15% pregnancy rate 3
unprotected intercourse __ days before ovulation results in 30% pregnancy rate 1-2
unprotected intercourse the day of ovulation results in __% pregnancy rate 12
sperm can survive in the female up to __ days 5
the mature egg may be fertilized over a __ period 24 hour
the time from ovulation to implantation is about __ days 7
different barrier methods spermicide, cervical cap, diaphragm, condom, sponge
the only readily available spermicide in the US nonoxynol-9
nonoxynol-9 has a __% failure rate 10-29
cervical caps can be worn for up to __ hours 48; insert up to 24 hrs before intercourse
cervical caps have a __% failure rate 9-32
diaphragms have a __% failure rate 10-20
diaphragms increase the risk of __ UTIs, vaginitis, and nonmenstrual toxic shock
female condoms have a __% failure rate 5-20
never use a __ and a female condom at the same time male condom
__ condoms break more than latex ones polyurethane
male condoms have a __% failure rate 3-15
contraceptive sponge increases the risk of __ nonmenstrual toxic shock
contraceptive sponge has a __% failure rate 10-40
oral contraceptives have a __% failure rate 3-9
oral contraceptives decrease risk of __ ovarian and endometrial cancer
oral contraceptives may increase the risk of __ cancer breast
oral contraceptive effects due to estrogen inhibit ovulation (suppressed FSH surge), alters endometrium, luteolysis (degeneration of corpus luteum)
oral contraceptive effects due to progestin inhibit ovulation (suppressed LH surge), thickened cervical mucus, sperm become less effective, hampers implantation
__ only oral contraceptives are less effective than combination type progestin
absolute contraindications to estrogen containing OCPs Cardiovascular dz, smoker >35 yo, coagulation disorders, dyslipidemia, DM, neurologic dz, PG, undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, estrogen dependent neoplasm, liver disease or adenoma
relative contraindications to estrogen containing OCP's HTN, DM w/ CAD or PVD, gallbladder dz, h/o cholestatic jaundice in pregnancy, epilepsy, leg injury/cast/immobilization, elective surgery, sickle cell, migraines, obesity, FH of CVD
negative effects of OCPs no std protection, take everyday, benign liver tumors, worsened gallbladder problems, clots, expensive, insurance issues
common side effects of OCPs GI, wt changes, menses changes, breast changes, migraines, edema, Rash, melasma, depression, decreased libido
oral contraceptive that may be a good option for breastfeeding women, smokers over 35, and those who are good pill takers minipills (progestin only)
injectables have a __% failure rate 1-2
depo-provera has a __% failure rate 0.3
depo-provera shots are given IM every __ months 3
what is the FDA black box warning for dep-provera risk of osteoporosis; use >2 yrs only if no other options
implants have a failure rate of __% 1-4
problems with implants menstrual irregularities,amenorrhea, wt gain, acne, depression, less effective in obese
the patch has a failure rate of __% 1-2; less effective in pt >90 kg
black box warning for the patch greater risk of thrombotic events than OCPs
nuva ring has a failure rate of __% 1-2
emergency contraception is best if initiated within __ hours after unprotected intercourse 72; but can be taken up to 120 hrs after
emergency contraception can be given up to __ days after unprotected intercourse 5
emergency contraception is not an __ abortifacient
the two emergency contraceptives that are effective after implantation mifepristone (RU486), paragard-t IUD
2 intrauterine devices/systems available in the US paragard, mirena
IUDs have a __% failure rate 0.5-1.5
paragard copper has a failure rate of __% 0.7
how does the copper in paragard work to prevent pregnancy changes cervical mucus and makes a hostile environment for sperm
paragard copper is approved to last for __ years in US 10
there is a decrease in __ cancers with paragard use cervical and endometrial
mirena IUS has a failure rate of __% 0.1
mirena lasts for __ years in the US 5
lactation has a __% failure rate 10 +
medical abortion has a failure rate of __% 15
vasectomy has a failure rate of __% 0.15
female sterilization has a __% failure rate 0.5
tubal ligation increases the risk of __ slightly ectopic pregnancy
probably the most widely used mechanical contraception in the world condom
suckling results in a reduction in the release of what hormones Gnrh, LH and FSH
which version of vaginal diaphragm are the easiest for women to use arcing spring
what is the rate of pregnancy with typical use of vaginal diaphragm 15-20 per 100 woman years
small cup like diaphragms placed over the cervix and are held in place by suction cervical cap
only spermacide available in US nonoxynol 9
when used alone spermacides have a failure rate of 15%
ovulation occurs __ days before the first day of the next menstrual period 14
the fertile interval should be assumed to extend from at least __ days before ovulation and no less than __ days after ovulation 2, 2
although this is the most commonly used method of periodic abstinence it is the least reliable with a failure rate of about 35% calendar method
the __ day after the onset of elevated temperature is considered the end of the fertile period third
starting several days before and until just after ovulation the mucus becomes __ thin and watery
the __ method if used properly is the most effective of all the periodic abstinence approaches symptothermal
the most accurate method of determining ovulation time is to demonstrate the __ LH peak
most women experience __ when taking the 7 days of placebo pills that come with OCPs withdrawal bleeding
it is good practice to recommend an additional form of contraception during __ of taking OCPs to maximize efficacy the first week
withdrawal bleeding can be expected in __ days after completion of the 21-day regimen of active pills 3-5
what are the reasonably established benefits of OCPs reduction of ovarian and endometrial cancer risk, ectopic pregnancy, PID, menstrual disorders, benign breast disease and acne
use of most current combinations of OCPs roughly __ a user's risk of venous thromboembolism triple
__ provides reasonably good protection against pregnancy without suppressing ovulation progestin-only minipill
__ must be taken each day promptly. even a delay of 2-3 hours diminishes contraceptive effectiveness for the coming 48 hours progestin-only minipill
ideal candidates for progestin only contraceptives older women who smoke, women with sickle cell anemia, mental retardation, migraine, hypertension, SLE, women who are breastfeeding
plan B emergency contraception must be given within __ of intercourse 72 hours
major side effects of combination hormonal emergency contraception nausea and vomiting
the vaginal ring is worn for __ 3 weeks per month
the vaginal ring may be removed for up to __ although it is designed to be left in place even during intercourse 3 hours
if the patch has become detached for __ or less the cycle continues as usual, however if it has been longer than __ a new patch should be applied and back up contraception should be used for 1 week 24 hours
what are the two types of IUDs available in the US copper T 380A, and a levonorgestrel-releasing device
Sponge can be worn for: 24 hours
Sponge: contraindication: sulfa allergy
Depo Provera AE bleeding abnormalities (80%); wt gain (60%); lipid changes, depression, acne
common myths about OCPs Need to take a break; Causes infertility ; Women over 35 shouldn’t take OCPs; cause weight gain
Created by: bwyche