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Unit III Gymo & Fern

SBCC unit 3 flashcards plant identification

Araucaria bidwilli bunya bunya tree
araucaria heterophylla norfolk island pine
calocedrus decurrens incense cedar
cedrus atlantica blue atlas cedar
cedrus deodara deodar cedar
hesperocyparis macrocarpa monterey cypress
cupressus sempervirens columnar italian cypress
cycas revoluta sago palm
encephalartos altensteinii bread palm
ginkgo biloby ginkgo tree
junipersus chinensis hollywood twisted juniper
junipersus chinensis pfitzer juniper
junipersus chinensis blue pfitzer juniper
juniperus conferta shore juniper
pinus halepensis aleppo pine
pinus pinea italian stone pine
pinus radiata monterey pine
pinus torreyana torrey pine
afrocarpus gracilior fern pine
pedocarpus kenkelli long level yellow wood
podocarpus elacus plum pine
podocarpus elongatus icee blue podocarpus
podocarpus totara totara pine
sequioa sempervirens coast redwood
taxodium kuegelli montezuma cypress
cyathea cooperi austrailian tree fern
dicksonia antartica tasmanian tree fern
blechnum accidentals hammock fern
Created by: chinboto