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Amphibians and Fish

Laboratory Animals and Exotics

Define amphibian. organism in the class Amphibia; lives at least part of its life cycle in water.
Define arboreal. pertaining to trees; tree-dwelling
Define ectothermic. refers to species that are unable to generate their own body heat; body temperature is dependent on environmental temperatures.
Define swim bladder. structure used for buoyancy allowing the fish to rise or fall within the water by altering the volume of air in this structure
What are the three taxonomic orders of amphibians? Anurans, Urodela, Apoda
Which order of amphibians are the "legless" group? Apoda or AKA Gymnophiona
Which order of amphibians includes newts and salamanders? Urodela or AKA Caudata
Which order of amphibians is the largest group and includes frogs and toads? Anurans or AKA Salentia
What is the unique characteristic of the Axolotls? it stays looking like a tadpole throughout its adult life
Biomedical research is most commonly done on what commonly named amphibians? African clawed frog, mudpuppies, leopard, meadow, or grass frogs, and salamanders.
What is the drug of choice for euthanasia of fish and amphibians? MS222
How is the drug of choice for euthanasia administered? intracoelomic
The common theme to keeping any exotic pet alive is ............ good husbandry, nutrition
What radiographic views are commonly taken of amphibians and fish? a minimum of two whole body views
What would a cloacal wash be performed for? to obtain a fecal sample
What is the primary venipuncture site used for fish? caudal tail vein
When drawing blood from frogs and toads the easiest vein to access is ............................... ventral abdominal vein
When capturing a fish for a physical exam it should be caught with a net then placed on what? a wet towel
What is the most commonly used fish in biomedical research? zebrafish
Why are zebra fish such a good animal for biomedical research? Their embryos are almost transparent and so that allows for observation to take place.
What organ do fish use for buoyancy? swim bladder
How many chambers are in a fish heart? two-one atria and one ventricle
Where does gas exchange take place in fish? small blood vessels of the gills
The primary organs of respiration in fish are called what? gills
What protects fish from pathogens entering their integument? mucus coating that is secreted
What are the two types of skin glands found in amphibians? mucous and granular
What is the purpose of the mucous skin glands found in amphibians? keep the skin moist which allows respiration through the skin
What is the purpose of the granular skin glands found in amphibians? to secrete toxins and function primarily for defense
What integumentary part protects the muscles? overlapping scales
Why should we tell owners to not use tap water for their amphibian pets? it contains chlorine and other additives and they can be toxic
Most amphibians need a humidity percentage of what degree? 80%
Why do aquatic animals have to have their enclosures cleaned so often? because of their excreted wastes such as ammonia
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