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Skin Deep

Veterinary Medical Terminology Chapter 10

What are the combining forms for skin? cutane/o, derm/o, dermat/o,
What is the word for the study of skin? dermatology
epi- above
dermis skin
The integumentary system consists of what? glands, hair, fur, wool, feathers, scales, claws, beaks, horns, hooves, and nails
As skin cells move superficially, they die and become filled with ___________. keratin
kerat/o horny or cornea
black pigment melanin
melan/o black or dark
The ability to recognize sensory stimuli. perception
To recognize touch sensation. tactile
The chemical that the body releases during an allergic reaction that causes pruritis. histamine
Define adipocytes. lipid or fat cells
What do you call it when Yulee's hair stands up? piloerection
What is the name of the muscle that causes the "hackles to raise"? arrector pili
trich/o hair
phyt/o plant
ungul/o hoof
onych/o claw
-grade to go
If an animal has a hoof they are called __________________. ungulates
Where is the frog found on a hoof? ventral surface
Dewclaws, chestnuts, and ergots are all considered to be ______________ structures. vestigial
In what area are chestnuts found on the leg of a horse? medially
What joint are ergots found at? fetlock
A skin scrape could be performed to find what ectoparasites? mange mites
alopec/o baldness
carcin/o cancerous
Another name for acute moist dermatitis is _______________. hotspot
Mange can cause ____________, which is hairloss. alopecia
When a skin pore becomes full of sebum or keratin it is called what? comedo or blackhead
If Tallulah's skin is inflamed, what medical term would I use to document it on her chart? dermatitis
The medical term used for a bruise is what? ecchymosis
FAD stands for? flea allergy dermatitis
fistul/o tube or pipe
erythr/o red
If I stated that the skin color was pale what medical term could I use to replace that wordage? pallor
What do lipoma and fatty tumor have in common? They both mean a benign growth of fat cells.
Define myiasis. infestation by fly larvae
Define acariasis. infestation with ticks or mites
Define pediculosis. lice infestation
What are the two common types of mange seen in dogs? sarcoptic and demodectic
Which mange is zoonotic? sarcoptic
Which mange is immune related? demodectic
If I say the skin is necrotic I mean that the skin is _________. dead
The doctor was cutting away dead tissue from the infected leg. What is the medical term for this? debridement
py/o pus
Small, pinpoint hemorrhages seen on the hairless areas of skin are called _____________________________. petechiae
The dog was covered in hives from all of the yellow jacket stings. The doctor documented it in the chart as having _______________. urticaria
In what layer of skin is mostly fat found? subcutaneous
hidr/o sweat
pil/i and pil/o hair
Another name for cerumen. earwax
If a horse isn't sweating he may have ____________________. anhydrosis
When I work out I have the opposite! I have __________________________. hyperhydrosis
Where are sweat glands found? dermis
What are the two divisions of sweat glands? eccrine and apocrine
The wetness of sweating comes from which division of sweat glands? eccrine
The apocrine sweat glands are located where? in the follicle
Define follicle. tubes that hold the hair fibers
Define cilia. thin, short hairs
bi/o life
Define diffuse. widespread
Define localized. within a well-defined area.
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