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Rats and Mice

Laboratory Animals and Exotics

What does the word rodent mean? "to gnaw"
Mus musculus is the taxonomic name for what kind of mouse? laboratory
The taxonomic name for the common rat is what? Rattus norvegicus
Define fecundity. reproductive potential
Why is the rat used for human dental research? their molars resemble humans
What are three characteristics of a rat's tail? it has scales, it is hairless, and it is longer than their body length
What two body organs do rats and mice use to dissipate heat? tail and ears
How many digits are on the front limbs of rats and mice? four
How many digits are on the hind limbs of rats and mice? five
Why do rats continously grow? because their epiphyses of their bones do not close
Where are harderian glands located? orbit of the eye
What is the medical term for "red tears" chromodacryorrhea
What type of teeth do mice and rats have? hypsodontic-continously growing
Where is the brown fat located on rats and mice? around the neck and between the scapulas
What is the purpose of brown fat? it gives 10 times the energy storage than other types of fat
What anatomical feature makes rats and mice unable to vomit? the limiting ridge
Where is the pancreas located? throughout the mesentery
What organ of digestion do rats not have? gall bladder
Describe the male penis. it is an os penis
How long is the gestation period for rats? 22 days
Rats and mice are born altricial. What does that mean? hairless, blind, and deaf at birth
What time during a 24 hour period do rats and mice usually breed? night
Define Whitten effect. when groups of females live together without a male they will enter anestrus but if exposed to a male or smell a male they will all be in estrus in 3 days
What is the Bruce effect? when a pregnant female mouse is exposed to a new male mouse or his odor within four days of being bred she will abort the pregnancy and return to estrus
When are mice and rats usually active? night time they are nocturnal
What is a group of rats called? mischief
What causes ringtail in rats? low humidity
Why would you place a rodent onto a platform that raises them upward when taking a radiograph of them? because they are so small it would magnify the image where you could see structures better
What radiographic views are most commonly done on rodents? VD, DV, lateral
When collecting blood on a rodent and the method used is retroorbital, what must be done first?? anesthesia
The commonly used anesthestic on rodents is what? isoflurane
Which rodent that we have studied has a hairy tail? gerbils
Which rodent should not be picked up by the tail? gerbil
What kind of teeth do rodents have? hypsodontic
Which gland do mice and rats not have? sweat
Out of all of the diseases that we have covered concerning rodents, which one is common to all? tyzzer's
Which of the rodents that we have studied has the longest gestational period? guinea pig
Which rodent is monogamous? gerbils
Which rodent is a wonderful pet for children? gerbils
Why does the rat make a poor model for heart research? their heart resembles a fish heart instead of a mammals
Why is endotracheal intubation in guinea pigs difficult? because of the palatal ostium and thick tongue
Which rodent has teeth that resemble humans teeth? rats
What is a group of rats called? mischief
Where is the venous access on the rat that is commonly used? lateral tail vein
What kind of a gland is the Harderian gland? lacrimal
Where is the Harerian gland located? orbit of the eye
Define chromodacyorrhea. secretion of porphyrin
Ringtail is caused by what? low humidity
The diet of guinea pigs needs to be supplemented with which vitamin? C
What is the gram-negative disease found in all laboratory animals that forms spores and is caused by Bacillus piliformis bacteria? Tyzzer's disease
What does a female hamster sometimes hide in her cheek pouches? her babies
Which rodent will stomp their hind legs when in stressful situations or in fear? gerbil
Which rodent that we have studied hibernates? hamster
Proliferative ilietis is also called what? wet tail in hamsters
Guinea pigs can get what is called "slobbers" and it is caused by what? malocclusion
Vitamin C deficiency in guinea pigs causes what disease? Scurvy
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