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Rabbit Quiz 2

Name a type of cage supply Water bottle, crock, feeder, urine guards, etc
When picking a location for a rabbit cage, what is one thing to consider? Ventilation, Humidity, Lighting, or Temperature
What part of the body mixes food with enzymes and begins the process of digestion? Stomach
What digestive part absorbs the most nutrients? Small Intestines
Rabbits are considered _________ fermenters Hindgut
What is cecotrophy/coprophagy? Eating night feces
What should always be available and is the most important nutrient? Water
How many ounces per pound should a rabbit be feed? One
Should you feed your rabbit alfalfa hay? No
What is the average temp for a rabbit? 103 .1 degrees F
List one tool or way to groom a rabbit’s fur. Brush or blower
Rabbit should have what type of hay? Grass
The easiest way to feed rabbits is to use_______ Pellets
What is the average heart rate for a rabbit? 180-350 beats per minute
What is the average respiratory rate for a rabbit? 40-65 breaths per minute
Which size rabbits are sexual mature first? Small breeds
The rabbit is an ______________ ovulator Induced
A doe is most receptive when the vent is _________ and _________. Red and moist
What cage should breeding occur in? Buck's
The average gestation length for a rabbit is___________ 31 days
Pseudopregnancy means Fake Pregnancy
Kits are born _________, ___________, and _________. Naked, blind, and deaf.
Kits eyes open around day ____________ 7-10
Kits should be weaned at __________ weeks of age. 6-8
Created by: gregorysk94



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