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Health quiz 1

Tabacco quiz

5 steps of decision making State the proplem Define the scope of the problem Brainstorm possible solutions Identify consequences choose a solution
3 harmful ingredients in cigarettes nicotine - addictive and cloggs your arteries , carbon monoxide prevents your body from getting oxygen, and tar which causes cancer.
5 smoking related diseases smokers cough chronic cough emphysema lung cancer heart disease
3 reasons why someone may start smoking peer presser parent or friend does it boredom
carcinogens any agent that causes cacer. (400 per cigarette)
how many chemicals are in 1 cigarette over 4,000
nicotine speads up your heart, in smokeless tabaco and cigerettes.
tar used to pave roads and driveways
Formaldehyde preserves dead animals
Cyanide rat poisson
lead paint
acetone paint and nail polish remover
ammonia household cleaners
hydrazine jets and rocket fule
second hand smoke (sidestream) When someone around you is smoking and you inhale the smoke. - kills 3,000 people a year - Causes 300,000 lung infections in kids each year - ruins the smell and taste of food - gives pets cancer
smokeless tabaco and snuff chewing tabacco, causes tounge, gum, and stoumache cancer. finely ground powder is placed between the lower lip and gum, it mixes with saliva
products to help you quit nicotine pads and nicootine gum
health hazards of smoking death, cancer, bad breath, wrinkles, hearing and vision loss, decrease in athletic performance, kidney/liver damage, gum disease
tolerance the bodys resistance to the effect of a drug. ex: drinking a 6 pack of beer and not getting drunk
withdrawal physical symptoms when a body is depriving a drug (negative)
physical addiction when your body needs a drug to feel "normal" -withdrawal symptoms.
Psychological when someone thinks they need a drug to feel "normal"
types of decisions Habitual- no thought required simple- some thought required with no long term consequences complex- much thought is required with possible long term consequences spur of the moment- may be dangerous! have very little time too decide.
consequence a positive or negative result based on a decision made
Created by: bellaf58
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