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Lifestyle Disease

Health chapter 14

Cardiovascular disease (CVD'S) diseases and disorders that result from progressive damage to the heart and blood vessels
Blood Pressure the force that blood exerts on the walls of a blood vessel
Detecting & treating CVD'S electrocardiograms (EKGs), ultrasound, angiography - injecting dye into the coronary arteries to look for blockages,
Cancer Disease caused by uncontrolled cell growth
Malignant Tumor a mass of cells that invades and destroys normal tissue
Benign Tumor an abnormal but unusually harmless cell mass
Metastasis Process in which Cancer cells travel to other parts of the body,creating new humors
CAUTION C-change in bowel or bladder habits, A-a sore that doesn't heal, U- Unusual bleeding or discharge,T-thickening or a lump anywhere in the body,I-indigestion or difficulty swallowing,O-obvious change in a wart or mole,N-nagging cough or hoarseness
Diabetes disorder in which cells are unable to obtain glucose from the blood, resulting in high blood-glucose levels
Glucose circulates through the body in the bloodstream
Insulin a hormone produced in the pancreas that causes cells to remove glucose from the blood.
Type 1 diabetes pancreas does not produce enough insulin
Type 2 diabetes insulin is produced, but the body's cells fail to respond to the insulin
Diabetic Coma a loss of consciousness that happens when there is too much blood sugar and too many toxic substances to the blood
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