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Veterinary Medical Terminology Chapter 7

What are the major organs of the urinary system? kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra
Where are kidneys located in the body? retroperitoneally
What does retroperitoneally mean? behind the lining of the abdominal cavity or outside of the abdominal cavity
Blood flows into the kidney through what vessel? renal artery
Blood flows out of the kidney though what vessel? renal vein
What anatomical structure surrounds the glomerulus? Bowman's capsule
What is the functional unit of the kidney? nephron
What is the inner layer of the kidney called? medulla
What is the outer layer of the kidney called? cortex
What is the area of the kidney where urine is collected before entering the ureters? renal pelvis
What is inside of the glomerulus? capillaries
What happens to the blood while in the glomerulus? it is filtered
Where does reabsorption occur in the nephron? proximal convoluted tubule, loop of Henle, and collecting tubule
Where does secretion occur in the nephron? distal convoluted tubule
What is the shape of a horse's right kidney? heart
What does hilus mean? concave depression
What comes out at the hilus of the kidney? ureters, renal blood vessels, nerves
What surface does the hilus appear on? medial
What are the two functions of the kidney? 1. form urine for excretion 2. retain essential substances the body needs through reabsorption
What are the ringlike muscles that close the flow of urine called? sphincters
What is the hormone produced by the kidney that stimulates red blood cell production when the body feels a need for them? `erythropoietin
The narrow tubes that leave the kidneys and enter the bladder are called what?` ureters
What is the triangular area in the caudal portion of the bladder called? trigone
In males, what two fluids come through the urethra? urine and reproductive fluids
The kidneys maintain a constant environment in the body. This is called what? homeostasis
When we collect urine and analyze it what is the term we would use to describe this? urinalysis
The name of the catheter used to catheterized male cats is called what? tom cat catheter
The name of the catheter used to catheterize male dogs is called what? polypropylene urinary catheter
What is a female dog urinary catheter called? bitch catheter
What is the name of the surgery that is performed on a dog with uroliths? cystotomy
Another name for a urinary bladder stone is what? urolith
If a dog is PU/PD, what does this mean? polyuric-urinating a lot, polydipsia-drinking a lot
If the doctor looks at the blood work on an animal and states that the animal is uremic, what does this mean? waste product from blood is not being filtered out by kidney so the waste product is staying in the blood
ADR ain't doing right
BUN blood urea nitrogen
PU polyuria
PD polydipsia
UTI urinary tract infection
UA urinalysis
FUS feline urologic syndrome
FLUTD feline lower urinary tract disease
CRF chronic renal failure
HBC hit by car
BDLD big dog little dog
prn as needed
ml millileter
cc cubic centimeter
nephr/o kidney
ren/o kidney
medull/o middle
cortic/o outer
pyel/o renal pelvis
cyst/o urinary bladder
ureter/o ureter
-poiesis production
-chrome color
uropoiesis urine production
turbid cloudy
cystocentesis surgical puncture of the urinary bladder to collect urine
urinalysis examination of urine and its components
pneumocystography radiographs taken of bladder after air has been inserted into the bladder through a catheter
anuria no urine production
bacteriuria bacteria in urine
crystalluria crystals in urine
dysuria difficult or painful urination
glucosuria, glycosuria glucose (sugar) in urine
hematuria blood in urine
ketonuria ketones in urine which means that fat is being metabolized
nocturia excessive urination at night
oliguria scanty or little urine produced
pollakiuria frequent urination
polyuria excessive urination
pyuria pus in urine-usually indicates infection
stranguria slow or painful urination
-lithiasis suffix meaning presence of stones or calculi
lith/o stone or calculus
nephropexy surgical fixation of the kidney to the abdominal wall
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