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core vocab

Valid reasonable,correct
Support you help others with it by providing reasons and evidence
Significant significant meaning or influence
Accurate correct in all details
Transition a passage from one state, subject, stage or place to another.
benefit something that promotes or enhances well-being; an advantage
Advantge a favorable position or gain
Disadvantage less favorable possition
concept it thought, notion, generic idea
clarify explain it in a way that makes it easier to understand
reflect you think about it
infer you dericide that it is true after gathering and considering information about it
analyze look closely at each of its parts and see if they fit together in a way that makes sense
demonstrate you show how you do it
draw (conclusion) take or pull out
Elaborate you tell more about it
eliminate to get rid of, remove
Debate to engage in an argument by discussing opposing points
Identify you say what it is
Verify make sure something is true.
Refer you mention it in a formal way
Develop something that grows or changes over a period
Parapharase you say it using different words
Determine you discover it or decide on it.
Contradict to express the opposite
Genarte to bring into being creates
Justify explain why it is reasonable or appropriate
Cite you quote, purchase or refer it.
Articulate Express it clearly
Interpret explain the meaning of
Evaleuate decide if it is good or bad or right or wrong
Defend you say why you think it is true
interact your actions affect each
Diatinguish you recognize it for a specific reason
Manipulate you control it or move it round for a secific purpose
Generalize take what you know about one situation and apply it to other situations or things
Synthesize you combine it in a logical way
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