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DU PA Inflam Dermato

Duke PA Common Inflammatory Dermatoses

a systemic, immunologic, genetic disease manifesting in skin and or joints psoriasis
most common type of psoriasis, sharply defined erythematous scaling plaques, distribution somewhat symmetrical, duration is months to years plaque psoriasis
red scaling papules coalesce to round-oval plaques, scale is adherent, silvery white, lesions occur at site of trauma, pruritus is variable, pustules may outline lesiona dn occur on palms and soles psoriasis
drugs that exacerbate psoriasis lithium, beta-blocking agents, antimalarials, systemic steroids
factors that flare psoriasis streptococcal infection, injury or trauma, drugs, low humidity, emotional stress, overtreatment
small papules of short duration (weeks to months), usually children and young adults, many have streptococcal URI within 1-2 weeks of presentation (drop like) Guttate Psoriasis
etiology of psoriasis hyperproliferation of epidermis, increased growth altered differentiation, inflammation of epidermis and dermis, T-lymphocytes accumulate, cytokin-mediated inflammation
psoriasis associations cardiovascular disease, depression, lymphoma
psoriasis treatment strategies topical, phototherapy, sytemic
Created by: bwyche