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DU PA Fung/Vir Skin

Duke PA Fungal and Viral Infections of the Skin

unique group of fungis that infect keratinized epithelium including hair and nails dermatophytic infections
three genera of fungi responsible for dermatophytic infections microsporum, trichophyton, and epidermophyton
aka ringworm dermatophytic infections
dermatophytic infection of the feet characterized by erythema, scaling, vesicles and maceration tinea pedis
tinea pedis is more common in __ males
erythema, scale and papules on heels, soles and lateral borders of foot moccasin tinea pedis
topical treatment for tinea pedis must use for 2-4 weeks, imidazoles, allylamines
oral treatment for tinea pedis use for 2-6 weeks for severe/refractory cases imidazoles, allylamines (must monitor liver function)
non-pharmacologic treatment for tinea pedis air
aka jock itch tinea cruris
sub-acute or chronic infection of the groin/medial thighs tinea cruris
differential for tinea cruris candidiasis, erythrasma
subacute infection of neck, trunk, and or extremities-lesions vary in size but are plaques with sharp borders, smaller pustules or vesicles may appear within the borders. central clearing is common tinea corporis
candida is less likely to spare the __ scrotum
infection of the scalp, most common in children, especially ages 6-10 years, rare in adults, often asymptomatic tinea capitus
tinea capitus must be treated __ systemically
what may be used to treat tinea capitus griseofulvin, imidazoles or Lamisil
infection involving sites where maceration and occlusion create a warm, moist environment. intertriginous candidiasis
predisposing factors for intertriginous candidiasis obesity, diabetes, hyperhydrosis, steroid use
treatment of intertriginous candidiasis nystatin, imidazoles, glucocorticoids used sparingly to calm the inflammatory response
intertriginous candidiases large body folds (under breasts, ab folds, axillea, groin-worsened by tight/abrasive clothing/poor hygiene) small body folds (web spaces of fingers and toes, angles of mouth)
intertriginous candidiasis of angles of mouth angular cheilitis
chronic, often asymptomatic, scaling superficial skin infection. Etiologic agent malasezzia furfur found as normal skin flora in persons >15yrs especially in skin sites with high sebaceous activity tinea (Pityriasis) versicolor
places where you don't want to put topical steroids face, groin, axilla
multiple well-demarcated hyper or hypo pigmented macules with fine scaling, common sites are upper trunk, axilae, groin, thighs. tinea (Pityriasis) versicolor
examination of this scale under microscope reveals yeast and pseudohyphae (spaghetti and meatballs) tinea (Pityriasis) versicolor
application of oils/grease on the face, neck and scalp will facilitate the development of tinea (Pityriasis) versicolor
topical treatment of tinea versicolor selenium sulfide 2.5% daily x7 days then weekly
oral treatment of tinea versicolor ketoconazole (can use single does therapy), fluconazole, itraconazole
etiologic agents of subcutaneous fungal infections (saphrophytes found in soil, vegetation especially in warm tropical climates) sporothrix, exophila, fonsecaea, madurella, pseudallescheria
generalized skin eruptions secondary to systemic infection-common in children, adolescents viral exanthems
most common viral exanthems in childhood rubeola (measles), rubella (german measles), varicella (chicken pox), roseola, erythema infectiousum (fifth disease)
type of exanthem characterized by generalized erythema, worse in body creases scarlatiniform
type of exanthem that is maculopapular morbiliform
type of exanthem that is characterized initially by vesicles, may evolve to papules->pustules->erosions vesicular
Common systemic viral illness characterized by oral lesions (erosions) and vesicular exanthem limited to distal extremities hand foot mouth disease
etiologic agent of hand-foot and mouth disease coxsackie virus
hand foot and mouth disease has epidemic outbreaks every __ years 3
aka cold sores, fever blisters herpes labialis
treatment for herpes labilalis penciclovir (topical), acyclovir, valacyclovir
manifestation of herpes simplex often seen in health care professionals, especially dentists. also in daycare providers, lesions can be exquisitely painful herpetic whitlow
viral skin infection caused by pox virus, distinct flesh colored or pearly white papules 1-2mm with umbilicated centers. very common in children and sexually active adults. Lesions will usually resolve spontaneously molluscum contagiosum
complication of varicella-zoster virus infection ophthalmic, hemiplegia
distribution of varicella zoster virus infection single dermatone thoracic>trigeminal>lumbosacral>cervical
treatment for varicella-zoster virus infection high dose acyclovir, valacyclovir, famciclovir. ideally started within 72 hours of lesion eruption
tx in patients with shingles that are greater then 50 years old offer prednisone
pain treatment for post herpetic neuralgia gabapentin, pregabalin, tricyclics, topicals (capsaicin, lidocaine)
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