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Personal health/Fitn

Carcinogens cancer causing agents
Nicotine addictive drug found in all tobacco products
Carbon Monoxide toxic gas that keeps oxygen from getting into the bloodstream
Short-term effects Increases heart rate and blood pressure , stimulates the brain reward system,Increases breathing rate, and stimulates vomit reflex
Skin breaks down the proteins that give skin elasticity
Mouth -increases plaque,gum disease,and tooth decay
Brain reduces oxygen to the brain,narrows blood vessels and can lead to strokes
Heart Nicotine increase heart rate and blood pressure and narrows the blood vessels
Lungs carcinogens get placed directly in the lungs,lung cancer
Immune system increase the chance of suffering from diseases
Environmental tobacco smoke(second hand smoke) combo of mainstream and sidestream smoke
Drug Abuse Improper or unsafe use of a drug
Marijuana contains 5 times more carcinogens than cigarettes
Designer drugs designed to resemble other illegal drugs in chemical structure and effect
Stimulants speeds up central nervous system (CNS)
Depressants slow down CNS
Opiates highly addictive drugs derived from the poppy plant
Hallucinogens distort perceptions and cause a person to see or hear thins that are not real
Neonatal abstinence syndrome withdrawal that occurs in new born infants whose mothers were frequently drug users during pregnancy
Created by: Cbasnight