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Personal health/Fitn

Drugs Any substance that changes a person's physical or psychological state
Medicines drug used to cure,prevent or treat illness or discomfort
Good Medicines have the following qualities effectiveness / safety / Minor side effects
Natural sources plants,animals, or fungi
Man-made sources labs
FDA steps of proving a drug is safe 1.chemical or cell-culture testing in labs 2. testing on animals 3.testing on human volunteers 4.clinical trials to compare to existing drugs
Addiction a condition in which a person can no longer control his or her drug use
steps of drug addiction 1. Drug use 2. tolerance 3.dependence 4. drug addiction
Withdrawal the symptoms that occur when a drug user stops using a drug
Physical state of Alcohol liver works harder , lose body heat, dehydration
Mental state of Alcohol loose coordination and judgement, lose inhibitions(take risks),
Blood Alcohol Concentration(BAC) % of alcohol in the blood
Cirrhosis a disease in which your healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue( long-term)
Driving Under Influence (DUI) anyone with a BAC above 0.08%
Alcohol abuse drinking too much at one time,drinking too often, and drinking at inappropriate times
Alcoholics physically and emotionally addicted to alcohol
Codependency Family member or friends sacrifices his or her own needs to meet the needs of an addict
Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) physical and mental defects that affect a fetus who was exposed to alcohol in the womb
Body phases Ingestion,movement,mechanical and chemical digestion, absorption, and elimination
Liver produces bile and filters out toxins and waste
Pancreas regulates blood sugar by producing insulin
Created by: Cbasnight